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Adding Data

How do I make data available?

When it comes to making data available to your app, there are several ways to get things situated. Uploading may not be strictly needed thanks to [live querying] (https://www.splitgraph.test/docs/add-data/data-sources/supported-modes#live-querying) support, but if you do upload, here are three options:

  • Have a CSV file? The fastest and most convenient solution is probably via web upload.

  • If you have a larger dataset, the sgr CLI will let you upload datasets beyond the web upload size limits (approx. 100MB).

  • The writable DDN will let you update data using familiar SQL.

  • In cases where your network environment/firewall poses challenges, consider checking out the network tunnel guide. or both ephemeral and persistent needs, sgr cloud tunnel should have you covered.