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Using Dagster with Seafowl

May 22, 2023· By Peter Neumark
Import the result of your data pipeline into Seafowl easily using Dagster!
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Apr 12, 2023 ·By Peter Neumark
3 min read

SQLite file uploads

Importing SQLite data into Splitgraph is now as easy as drag-n-drop!
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Apr 11, 2023 ·By Marko Grujić
14 min read

A Lakehouse by the sea: Migrating Seafowl storage layer to delta-rs

Announcing the replacement of our custom storage layer with Delta Lake, facilitated by its open-source Rust implementation.
Jan 12, 2023 ·By Patrick Skinner
6 min read

Open Data Monitor

How can we track open government datasets over time? Say hello to Open Data Monitor, a Socrata tracking tool powered by Seafowl and Splitgraph.
Dec 14, 2022 ·By Marko Grujić
12 min read

Rust visitor pattern and efficient DataFusion query federation

We explore the inner workings of DataFusion filter pushdown optimisation, and see what it takes to ship them to remote data sources.
Dec 9, 2022 ·By Peter Neumark
9 min read

Deciding if I'm urban with WebAssembly and Seafowl

I used Seafowl to analyze how much of a city slicker I am—with geographic user-defined WASM functions and caffeine addiction!
Nov 29, 2022 ·By Peter Neumark
8 min read

Extending Seafowl with WebAssembly

How can Seafowl users extend the database's builtin capabilities in a safe, portable and efficient way? The answer is WebAssembly, read on to learn how!
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