Splitgraph has been acquired by EDB! Read the blog post.

Configure Metabase to Connect to Splitgraph

You can set up the Splitgraph DDN in Metabase like any other PostgreSQL connection. Make sure to use SSL and disable prepared statements in the Metabase JDBC parameters (prepareThreshold=0).

Metabase settings for setting up the Splitgraph DDN

Data discovery (introspection query interception) only works in Metabase version v0.36.8 or above. Earlier versions have an issue with slashes in schema names that Splitgraph DDN uses to denote repositories.

To connect to an alternate version of the DDN that uses tilde (~) characters in place of slashes, set the Database Name to ddn-t.

Note that there are still some outstanding issues with Metabase X-Rays and automatically generated questions on the DDN. You can still use direct SQL queries, allowing you to reference Splitgraph data in your Metabase dashboards.