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City-Parish Employee Annual Salaries

City-Parish employees' annual salaries and other payroll related information. Information is calculated after the last payroll is run for the year specified. Some fields, such as job title and department, are accurate as of the time the data was captured for Open Data BR. For example, if an employee worked for three departments throughout the year, only the department they worked for at the time we collected the data will be shown.

***In November of 2018, the City-Parish switched to a new payroll system. This data contains employee information from 2018 onward. For prior year data, please see the Legacy City-Parish Employee Annual Salaries


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
WORKERS COMPworkers_compworkers_compNumberWorkers compensation
LAST NAMElast_namelast_nameText
JOB CODEjob_codejob_codeNumber
COMMANDER PAYcommdr_paycommdr_payNumberJob assignments designated by the Police Chief
EDUCATION PAYeducation_payeducation_payNumberEducational pay for employees receiving State Supplemental Pay, or for Municipal Fire and Police employees
TRANSFER COMPENSATIONtrans_comp_paytrans_comp_payNumberA 56 hour fire employee who reports to duty and is transferred to another fire station
EMPLOYMENT STATUSemployment_statusemployment_statusTextEmployee's status with the City-Parish. A=Active; I=Inactive
PRISON ASSIGNMENTprison_assgnprison_assgnNumberEmployees assigned to work at the Parish Prison
MIDDLE INITmiddle_initmiddle_initText
STATE SUPPLEMENTAL JPstate_supplemental_jpstate_supplemental_jpNumberState supplemental pay for Justice of the Peace
MEAL ALLOWANCEmeal_allowancemeal_allowanceNumberMeal allowance for EMS employees
HAZARDOUS PAYhaz_payhaz_payNumberHazardous pay for sworn police employees, or Entomologist performing aerial spraying
BASE PAYbase_paybase_payNumberAnnual salary of employee, not including any additional earning allowances
EMPLOYMENT END DATEemployment_end_dateemployment_end_dateCalendar dateEnd of service date, the employee may have retired, resigned or was terminated
JOB TITLEjob_titlejob_titleText
DEPARTMENT NAMEdepartment_namedepartment_nameText
DEPARTMENT NUMBERdepartment_numdepartment_numNumber
SHIFT DIFFERENTIAL PAYshift_diff_payshift_diff_payNumberShift differential pay
POLICE SUIT ALLOWANCEpolice_suit_allowancepolice_suit_allowanceNumberPolice suit allowance for detectives
EMPLOYEE REIMBURSEMENTemplee_reimburstemplee_reimburstNumberAny employee reimbursements received throughout the year
EMPLOYEE REFUNDemployee_refundemployee_refundNumberRefunds paid to employee
LONGEVITYlongevitylongevityNumberPercentage pay based on years of service
UNIQUEIDuniqueiduniqueidTextSworn police employees assigned as Police Pilots
PAY LOCATION CODEpay_location_codepay_location_codeNumber
PAY LOCATION DESCRIPTIONpay_location_descpay_location_descTextCorresponds to the division or location where the employee works
CURRENT HIRE DATEcurrent_hire_datecurrent_hire_dateCalendar dateMost current date employee hired (Does not include broken service with the City-Parish)
TOTAL OT HOURStot_ot_hourstot_ot_hoursNumberTotal number of overtime hours worked. 2018 OT hours were not captured when we migrated to the new payroll system. Moving forward this data will be available.
TOTAL OT PAYtot_ottot_otNumberOvertime pay
SEVERANCE PAYsevpaysevpayNumberSeverance pay
CAR ALLOWANCEcar_allowancecar_allowanceNumberCar allowance
SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTspecial_assignspecial_assignNumberSpecial assignment pay
ENGINEER LICENSEengineer_licenseengineer_licenseNumberPost license experience allowance for licensed professional engineers
STATE 2 PERCENTstate_2_pctstate_2_pctNumberStatute requiring Fire employees to receive a raise of at least 2% each year after completion of 3 years of continuous service in the Fire Department. Effective for 20 years or until the employee's 23rd year of service.
FIELD TRAINING PAYfield_train_payfield_train_payNumberMunicipal police employees performing training duties
AVIATION PAYaviat_payaviat_payNumberSworn police employees assigned as Police Pilots
PAY ADJUSTMENTSpay_adjustmentspay_adjustmentsNumberAny pay adjustments received throughout the year
GROSS PAYgross_paygross_payNumberBase pay plus overtime pay plus any extra earnings
FIRST NAMEfirst_namefirst_nameText
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