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Tax Rates by Motor Fuel and State

Tax rates on motor fuel by type and state from the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administrations' Monthly Motor Fuel Report, available at:

All States levy volume taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel. Traditionally, State fuel tax rates could only be changed with legislation, but as of 2021, 10 States have variable rate motor fuel taxes. These taxes are adjusted at specified intervals annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. Adjustments to variable tax rates are announced by State tax agencies shortly before the effective date of the change.

The fuel tax rate is collected annually and therefore the semi-annual and quarterly adjustments are not captured in the data.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
notenotenoteTextNotes on motor fuel tax for the state
idididTextUnique identifier
effective_dateeffective_dateeffective_dateCalendar dateEffective date for motor fuel tax
statestatestateTextState name
rateraterateNumberMotor fuel tax rate (cents)
MMFR_yearmmfr_yearmmfr_yearNumberYear data point collected
abbrevabbrevabbrevTextState abbreviation (blank if not applicable)
fipsfipsfipsNumberFIPS code for state (=9999 for US total)
fuel_type_codefuel_type_codefuel_type_codeTextUnique identifier for fuel type
fuel_typefuel_typefuel_typeTextFuel type tax applies to
  • tax_rates_by_motor_fuel_and_state
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