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Commercial District Customer Intercept Survey Responses - Updated

The Commercial District Assessment Customer Intercept survey collects data about a commercial district consumer characteristics. Understanding current consumer characteristics improves knowledge of how visitors and residents utilize the district, and how they would like the district to evolve in the future. Data is collected annually in one or more commercial districts by the Community Development Department. In 2017 the survey changed format from the previous customer intercept survey, based on recommendations from the City’s Retail Strategy Report. For past Customer Intercept Data please refer to the “Customer Intercept Survey Results” open data set.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Customer Frequencycustomer_frequencycustomer_frequencyTextHow often respondent shops or uses services in district
Survey Yearsurvey_yearsurvey_yearNumberCalendar year survey conducted
District Changesdistrict_changesdistrict_changesTextRespondent requests to improve district
Customer Attractioncustomer_attractioncustomer_attractionTextWhat would make respondent shop more often in district
Relation to Districtrelation_to_districtrelation_to_districtTextIs respondent worker, resident or other
Transit Modetransit_modetransit_modeTextHow respondent usually gets to district
Other Shopping Locationsother_shopping_locationsother_shopping_locationsTextWhere else respondent shops, including on line
Services Receivedservices_receivedservices_receivedTextMost common services purchased in district
DistrictdistrictdistrictTextName of commercial district
GendergendergenderTextChoices include: Female, Male, Other
Race / Ethnicityrace_ethnicityrace_ethnicityTextChoices include: American Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian, Black/African American, Caucasian/White, Latino/Hispanic, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Mixed/Multiracial, Other
AgeageageTextRespondent age
Primary Purposeprimary_purposeprimary_purposeTextPrimary purpose for visiting district on day of survey
New Business Desiresnew_business_desiresnew_business_desiresTextKinds of new businesses desired in district
Typical Visit Timetypical_visit_timetypical_visit_timeTextTime of day of typical visit to district
Purchased Itemspurchased_itemspurchased_itemsTextMost common items purchased in district
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