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Early Voting for 2016 Presidential Election

This year, Massachusetts will be offering registered voters the chance to cast their ballots prior to Election Day, November 8th, 2016. Early voting will be available at five (5) locations in the City of Cambridge. This alternate voting option will be available from October 24th to November 4th, for all registered voters of the City of Cambridge. For more information including Early Voting by mail, please visit the Cambridge Election Commission, 51 Inman Street, call (617)349-4361 or visit our website at


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Police Response Districts:@computed_region_v7jj_366k:@computed_region_v7jj_366kNumber
ADDRESS (address)address_addressaddress_addressText
POLL LOCATIONpoll_locationpoll_locationTextLocation for early voting
ADDRESS (state)address_stateaddress_stateText
ADDRESS (city)address_cityaddress_cityText
ADDRESS (zip)address_zipaddress_zipText
EARLY VOTING DAYSearly_voting_daysearly_voting_daysTextDays on which each early voting location is open
LONGITUDElongitudelongitudeNumberLongitude coordinate for each early voting location
ADDRESSaddressaddressPointAddress for each early voting location
LATITUDElatitudelatitudeNumberLatitude coordinate for each early voting location
EARLY VOTING TIMESearly_voting_timesearly_voting_timesTextTimes for which each early voting location is open
Police Neighborhood Regions:@computed_region_guic_hr4a:@computed_region_guic_hr4aNumber
  • early_voting_for_2016_presidential_election
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