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Bus Ridership

***NOTE: There are problems with data accuracy on bus ridership counts for June 2019, July 2109, and August 2019 as Phoenix and Valley Metro attempt to integrate new hardware with the existing system. For Mesa this is clearly impacting routes 156, 531, and 541, however, there are minor anomalies with some of the other routes.

Breakdown of bus service ridership on a monthly basis per route in Mesa (data lags for approximately 30 days) and data is provided by Valley Metro, an external agency who is responsible for both bus service and light rail in Mesa. For a regional view of both bus service and light rail ridership, please go to their website, under their Publications/Reports section. Valley Metro tracks bus riders as they board. Bus service expands the scope and range of light rail, in addition to being a geographically more flexible means of public transportation in comparison to light rail.

The data set captures information starting in July 2013. Effective October 24, 2016, AZ Link has been consolidated with route 112, and the Main Street Link consolidated with route 40.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
RidersridersridersNumberThe number of riders per route per month
RouterouterouteTextRoute number of the bus for which riders were measured. See for specific bus route map and other detailed route information.
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearfiscal_yearTextFiscal year in which bus riders were measured
MonthmonthmonthTextMonth for which bus riders were measured
Calendar Yearcalendar_yearcalendar_yearTextCalendar year in which bus riders were measured
Month Datemonth_datemonth_dateCalendar dateThe month and year in which bus riders were measured

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