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Canal Right of Way

Legally defined right-of-way boundary of canals within Mesa planning area. Canals supply much of the water the City uses for drinking water and irrigation of parks and open spaces. Data represents canal right-of-way from the City’s inception and is updated when changes are made to the canal Right of Way (ROW).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Source Documentsource_documentsource_documentTextThe source or document for the placement of the right-of-way. MCR=Maricopa County Recorder; PCA=Pinal County Assessor. Sources such as A59703 and X11921 are specific record drawing numbers assigned by City Engineer
Shape Lengthshape__lengthshape__lengthNumberSegment length
Object IDobjectidobjectidNumberSegment ID
GeometrygeometrygeometryMultiLineSegment location (GIS attribute)
Upstream Metadata