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Financial Incentive Projects - TIF Works

TIFWorks data includes all projects that have been completed and received a grant payment since January, 2011. TIFWorks stimulates business success by funding workforce-training costs for companies located in tax increment financing (TIF) districts. With TIFWorks support, businesses can become better equipped to improve performance and productivity, expand product lines and gain new customers.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
ADDRESS NUMBERaddress_numberaddress_numberNumberThe address number of the project location.
STREET DIRECTIONstreet_directionstreet_directionTextThe cardinal direction of the project street address.
PROJECT NAMEproject_nameproject_nameTextThe name of the business that received the incentive.
Census Tracts:@computed_region_bdys_3d7i:@computed_region_bdys_3d7iNumber
Zip Codes:@computed_region_6mkv_f3dw:@computed_region_6mkv_f3dwNumber
ADDRESS NUMBER (HIGH)address_number_highaddress_number_highNumberThe high address number if the address is a range. For projects with a single address this field will be blank.
JOBS CREATED: ASPIRATIONALjobs_created_aspirationaljobs_created_aspirationalNumberThe number of full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs created by the project, without requirement of a Redevelopment Agreement.
PROJECT DESCRIPTIONproject_descriptionproject_descriptionTextA brief textual description of the project.
JOBS RETAINED: ASPIRATIONALjobs_retained_aspirationaljobs_retained_aspirationalNumberThe number of existing full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs retained by the project, without requirement of a Redevelopment Agreement.
INDUSTRY SECTORindustry_sectorindustry_sectorTextThe classification of the business receiving the incentive.
STREET TYPEstreet_typestreet_typeTextThe type of street in the project address.
WARDwardwardNumberThe Aldermanic Ward in which the project is located.
LOCATIONlocationlocationPointThe location of the address columns, geocoded to a format that allows for mapping and other geographic analysis.
COMMUNITY AREAcommunity_areacommunity_areaTextThe Community Area, as defined by the City of Chicago, in which the project is located.
TIF DISTRICTtif_districttif_districtTextThe TIF district in which the project is located.
APPROVAL DATEapproval_dateapproval_dateCalendar dateThe date of the contract approving the project. Note: Projects prior to 2017 did not document approval date.
COMPLETION DATEcompletion_datecompletion_dateCalendar dateThe date of the Certificate of Completion or other form of confirmation for project completion.
APPLICANT NAMEapplicant_nameapplicant_nameTextThe individual, company or organization requesting the incentive.
INCENTIVE AMOUNTincentive_amountincentive_amountNumberThe dollar amount of the incentive paid to the applicant.
TOTAL PROJECT COSTtotal_project_costtotal_project_costNumberThe total value of the project, including the incentive received.
Boundaries - ZIP Codes:@computed_region_rpca_8um6:@computed_region_rpca_8um6Number
Community Areas:@computed_region_vrxf_vc4k:@computed_region_vrxf_vc4kNumber
STREET NAMEstreet_namestreet_nameTextThe name of the street in the project address.
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