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Parking Permit Zones

This dataset contains all those street segments (individually uniquely identified by Record ID) that have been designated as belonging to a “Residential Parking Zone.” Residential Parking Zones are established by passage of legislation through the Chicago City Council; this data set is updated daily, but major update installments typically occur shortly after City Council Meetings (where/when legislation affecting zones – such as zone creation or zone modification – occurs). (See City Council Meeting schedule: The collection of street segments for a single zone (collectively identified by Zone number) are not required to constitute a seamless polygon; however, they must be contiguous; in this sense, “Zones” often closer resemble a collection of intersecting segments rather than an unbroken area. Segments are commonly categorized as being either “Standard” or “Buffer”: Standard means that signs exist on the street segment beginning at the low-point and ending at the high-point; Buffer means that physical signs do not exist for that zone on that physical street, but residents of addresses within that segment shall have the privilege to purchase zone products (daily permits and annual passes) for that zone, as if physical signs were installed. (In this way, segments designated as ‘Buffer’ can in fact overlap with either other buffers and/or standard segments.) Physical signs will display the zone number and the day/times when the zone restriction is in effect, e.g., “All Times” / “Anytime”; “Monday through Friday”; “6am – 6pm All Days.” During restricted days/times, any vehicle parked in the zone which does not display a valid unexpired zone product (either a daily permit or an annual pass printed on the City Vehicle Sticker) is subject to ticketing/enforcement. Read more about Residential Zone Parking and eligibility to purchase zoned products:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
ADDRESS RANGE - LOWaddress_range_lowaddress_range_lowNumberLower value in the address range
STATUSstatusstatusTextACTIVE = currently affects product issuance (i.e., zoned products offered if product's address is within this zone record's range) RESCINDED = does not affect product issuance. The street range indicated by this record previously existed (i.e., signs used to be in the ground, or the range used to be a buffer), but between such time and present, the zone has been cancelled (with signs removed, etc.) pursant to City Council legislation or similar act.
BUFFERbufferbufferTextSome segments are "Buffer": Parking is not restricted on the physical street, but residents who reside at an address within that range shall be eligible to purchase zoned products for nearby "Standard" segments where parking is restricted and signs are physically posted on the street. Y = The range is a buffer segment. N = The range is not a buffer segment, i.e., is a "standard" segment.
SECOND STREET DIRECTIONsecond_street_directionsecond_street_directionText
STREET TYPEstreet_typestreet_typeText
STREET DIRECTIONstreet_directionstreet_directionText
WARD - LOWward_lowward_lowNumberThe ward in which the low end of the address range falls.
STREET NAMEstreet_namestreet_nameText
ROW IDrow_idrow_idNumberUnique ID
ODD_EVENodd_evenodd_evenTextIf 'E', only products whose address is both within this range AND address is even numbered will be offered zone. If 'O', only products whose address is both within this range AND address is odd numbered will be offered zone.
ZONEzonezoneTextThe zone number. In cases where signs are posted (i.e., range is not a buffer range), this is the number that is listed on the physical sign.
ADDRESS RANGE - HIGHaddress_range_highaddress_range_highNumberHigher value in the address range
WARD - HIGHward_highward_highNumberThe ward in which the high end of the address range falls.
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