Performance Metrics - Streets & Sanitation - Rodent Baiting

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Performance Metrics - Streets & Sanitation - Rodent Baiting

In addition to performing regular scheduled preventative rodent control, the Department of Streets & Sanitation (DSS) responds to site-specific customer rat complaints logged through 311’s Customer Service Requests (CSR) system. This metric tracks the average number of days the DSS takes to complete rodent baiting requests per week. Median days to complete requests as well as total number of requests fulfilled per week are available by mousing over columns. The target response time for rodent baiting requests is within 7 days. For more information on open rat complaints, see


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Average Days to Complete Rodent Baiting / Rat Complaint Requestsaverage_days_to_complete_rodent_baiting_rat_complaint_requestsaverage_days_to_complete_rodent_baiting_rat_complaint_requestsNumber
Target Response Time (Days)targetresponse_time_daystargetresponse_time_daysNumber
Median Days to Repond to Rodent Baiting Requestmedian_days_to_repond_to_rodent_baiting_requestmedian_days_to_repond_to_rodent_baiting_requestNumber

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