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Traffic Crashes - Crashes

Crash data shows information about each traffic crash on city streets within the City of Chicago limits and under the jurisdiction of Chicago Police Department (CPD). Data are shown as is from the electronic crash reporting system (E-Crash) at CPD, excluding any personally identifiable information. Records are added to the data portal when a crash report is finalized or when amendments are made to an existing report in E-Crash. Data from E-Crash are available for some police districts in 2015, but citywide data are not available until September 2017. About half of all crash reports, mostly minor crashes, are self-reported at the police district by the driver(s) involved and the other half are recorded at the scene by the police officer responding to the crash. Many of the crash parameters, including street condition data, weather condition, and posted speed limits, are recorded by the reporting officer based on best available information at the time, but many of these may disagree with posted information or other assessments on road conditions. If any new or updated information on a crash is received, the reporting officer may amend the crash report at a later time. A traffic crash within the city limits for which CPD is not the responding police agency, typically crashes on interstate highways, freeway ramps, and on local roads along the City boundary, are excluded from this dataset.

All crashes are recorded as per the format specified in the Traffic Crash Report, SR1050, of the Illinois Department of Transportation. The crash data published on the Chicago data portal mostly follows the data elements in SR1050 form. The current version of the SR1050 instructions manual with detailed information on each data elements is available <a href=" Traffic Crash Report SR 1050 Instruction Manual 2019.pdf">here</a>.

As per Illinois statute, only crashes with a property damage value of $1,500 or more or involving bodily injury to any person(s) and that happen on a public roadway and that involve at least one moving vehicle, except bike dooring, are considered reportable crashes. However, CPD records every reported traffic crash event, regardless of the statute of limitations, and hence any formal Chicago crash dataset released by Illinois Department of Transportation may not include all the crashes listed here.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
INJURIES_NON_INCAPACITATINGinjuries_non_incapacitatinginjuries_non_incapacitatingNumberTotal persons sustaining non-incapacitating injuries in the crash as determined by the reporting officer. Any injury, other than fatal or incapacitating injury, which is evident to observers at the scene of the crash. Includes lump on head, abrasions, bruises, and minor lacerations.
MOST_SEVERE_INJURYmost_severe_injurymost_severe_injuryTextMost severe injury sustained by any person involved in the crash
LANE_CNTlane_cntlane_cntNumberTotal number of through lanes in either direction, excluding turn lanes, as determined by reporting officer (0 = intersection)
DAMAGEdamagedamageTextA field observation of estimated damage.
SEC_CONTRIBUTORY_CAUSEsec_contributory_causesec_contributory_causeTextThe factor which was second most significant in causing the crash, as determined by officer judgment
CRASH_RECORD_IDcrash_record_idcrash_record_idTextThis number can be used to link to the same crash in the Vehicles and People datasets. This number also serves as a unique ID in this dataset.
STATEMENTS_TAKEN_Istatements_taken_istatements_taken_iTextWhether statements were taken from unit(s) involved in crash
INJURIES_UNKNOWNinjuries_unknowninjuries_unknownNumberTotal persons for whom injuries sustained, if any, are unknown
INJURIES_NO_INDICATIONinjuries_no_indicationinjuries_no_indicationNumberTotal persons sustaining no injuries in the crash as determined by the reporting officer
WORKERS_PRESENT_Iworkers_present_iworkers_present_iTextWhether construction workers were present in an active work zone at crash location
CRASH_DATE_EST_Icrash_date_est_icrash_date_est_iTextCrash date estimated by desk officer or reporting party (only used in cases where crash is reported at police station days after the crash)
LOCATIONlocationlocationPointThe crash location, as determined by reporting officer, as derived from the reported address of crash, in a column type that allows for mapping and other geographic analysis in the data portal software
RD_NOrd_nord_noTextChicago Police Department report number. For privacy reasons, this column is blank for recent crashes.
NUM_UNITSnum_unitsnum_unitsNumberNumber of units involved in the crash. A unit can be a motor vehicle, a pedestrian, a bicyclist, or another non-passenger roadway user. Each unit represents a mode of traffic with an independent trajectory.
DATE_POLICE_NOTIFIEDdate_police_notifieddate_police_notifiedCalendar dateCalendar date on which police were notified of the crash
PHOTOS_TAKEN_Iphotos_taken_iphotos_taken_iTextWhether the Chicago Police Department took photos at the location of the crash
ROADWAY_SURFACE_CONDroadway_surface_condroadway_surface_condTextRoad surface condition, as determined by reporting officer
PRIM_CONTRIBUTORY_CAUSEprim_contributory_causeprim_contributory_causeTextThe factor which was most significant in causing the crash, as determined by officer judgment
INJURIES_TOTALinjuries_totalinjuries_totalNumberTotal persons sustaining fatal, incapacitating, non-incapacitating, and possible injuries as determined by the reporting officer
WORK_ZONE_TYPEwork_zone_typework_zone_typeTextThe type of work zone, if any
STREET_NAMEstreet_namestreet_nameTextStreet address name of crash location, as determined by reporting officer
DEVICE_CONDITIONdevice_conditiondevice_conditionTextCondition of traffic control device, as determined by reporting officer
BEAT_OF_OCCURRENCEbeat_of_occurrencebeat_of_occurrenceNumberChicago Police Department Beat ID. Boundaries available at
LIGHTING_CONDITIONlighting_conditionlighting_conditionTextLight condition at time of crash, as determined by reporting officer
WEATHER_CONDITIONweather_conditionweather_conditionTextWeather condition at time of crash, as determined by reporting officer
ALIGNMENTalignmentalignmentTextStreet alignment at crash location, as determined by reporting officer
POSTED_SPEED_LIMITposted_speed_limitposted_speed_limitNumberPosted speed limit, as determined by reporting officer
ROAD_DEFECTroad_defectroad_defectTextRoad defects, as determined by reporting officer
STREET_DIRECTIONstreet_directionstreet_directionTextStreet address direction (N,E,S,W) of crash location, as determined by reporting officer
CRASH_MONTHcrash_monthcrash_monthNumberThe month component of CRASH_DATE.
TRAFFICWAY_TYPEtrafficway_typetrafficway_typeTextTrafficway type, as determined by reporting officer
INTERSECTION_RELATED_Iintersection_related_iintersection_related_iTextA field observation by the police officer whether an intersection played a role in the crash. Does not represent whether or not the crash occurred within the intersection.
TRAFFIC_CONTROL_DEVICEtraffic_control_devicetraffic_control_deviceTextTraffic control device present at crash location, as determined by reporting officer
CRASH_DATEcrash_datecrash_dateCalendar dateDate and time of crash as entered by the reporting officer
CRASH_DAY_OF_WEEKcrash_day_of_weekcrash_day_of_weekNumberThe day of the week component of CRASH_DATE. Sunday=1
INJURIES_INCAPACITATINGinjuries_incapacitatinginjuries_incapacitatingNumberTotal persons sustaining incapacitating/serious injuries in the crash as determined by the reporting officer. Any injury other than fatal injury, which prevents the injured person from walking, driving, or normally continuing the activities they were capable of performing before the injury occurred. Includes severe lacerations, broken limbs, skull or chest injuries, and abdominal injuries.
LONGITUDElongitudelongitudeNumberThe longitude of the crash location, as determined by reporting officer, as derived from the reported address of crash
WORK_ZONE_Iwork_zone_iwork_zone_iTextWhether the crash occurred in an active work zone
NOT_RIGHT_OF_WAY_Iprivate_property_iprivate_property_iTextWhether the crash begun or first contact was made outside of the public right-of-way.
CRASH_TYPEcrash_typecrash_typeTextA general severity classification for the crash. Can be either Injury and/or Tow Due to Crash or No Injury / Drive Away
CRASH_HOURcrash_hourcrash_hourNumberThe hour of the day component of CRASH_DATE.
INJURIES_FATALinjuries_fatalinjuries_fatalNumberTotal persons sustaining fatal injuries in the crash
REPORT_TYPEreport_typereport_typeTextAdministrative report type (at scene, at desk, amended)
HIT_AND_RUN_Ihit_and_run_ihit_and_run_iTextCrash did/did not involve a driver who caused the crash and fled the scene without exchanging information and/or rendering aid
FIRST_CRASH_TYPEfirst_crash_typefirst_crash_typeTextType of first collision in crash
LATITUDElatitudelatitudeNumberThe latitude of the crash location, as determined by reporting officer, as derived from the reported address of crash
DOORING_Idooring_idooring_iTextWhether crash involved a motor vehicle occupant opening a door into the travel path of a bicyclist, causing a crash
INJURIES_REPORTED_NOT_EVIDENTinjuries_reported_not_evidentinjuries_reported_not_evidentNumberTotal persons sustaining possible injuries in the crash as determined by the reporting officer. Includes momentary unconsciousness, claims of injuries not evident, limping, complaint of pain, nausea, and hysteria.
STREET_NOstreet_nostreet_noNumberStreet address number of crash location, as determined by reporting officer
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