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Traffic Crashes - People

Traffic Crashes - People

This data contains information about people involved in a crash and if any injuries were sustained. This dataset should be used in combination with the traffic Crash and Vehicle dataset. Each record corresponds to an occupant in a vehicle listed in the Crash dataset. Some people involved in a crash may not have been an occupant in a motor vehicle, but may have been a pedestrian, bicyclist, or using another non-motor vehicle mode of transportation. Injuries reported are reported by the responding police officer. Fatalities that occur after the initial reports are typically updated in these records up to 30 days after the date of the crash. Person data can be linked with the Crash and Vehicle dataset using the “CRASH_RECORD_ID” field. A vehicle can have multiple occupants and hence have a one to many relationship between Vehicle and Person dataset. However, a pedestrian is a “unit” by itself and have a one to one relationship between the Vehicle and Person table.

The Chicago Police Department reports crashes on IL Traffic Crash Reporting form SR1050. The crash data published on the Chicago data portal mostly follows the data elements in SR1050 form. The current version of the SR1050 instructions manual with detailed information on each data elements is available <a href=" Traffic Crash Report SR 1050 Instruction Manual 2019.pdf">here</a>.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
AGEageageNumberAge of person involved in crash
VEHICLE_IDvehicle_idvehicle_idTextThe corresponding CRASH_UNIT_ID from the Vehicles dataset.
CRASH_RECORD_IDcrash_record_idcrash_record_idTextThis number can be used to link to the same crash in the Crashes and Vehicles datasets. This number also serves as a unique ID in the Crashes dataset.
PHYSICAL_CONDITIONphysical_conditionphysical_conditionTextDriver’s apparent physical condition at time of crash, as observed by the reporting officer
DRIVERS_LICENSE_CLASSdrivers_license_classdrivers_license_classTextClass of driver's license of person involved in crash
PEDPEDAL_VISIBILITYpedpedal_visibilitypedpedal_visibilityTextVisibility of pedestrian of cyclist safety equipment in use at time of crash
SEAT_NOseat_noseat_noTextCode for seating position of motor vehicle occupant: 1= driver, 2= center front, 3 = front passenger, 4 = second row left, 5 = second row center, 6 = second row right, 7 = enclosed passengers, 8 = exposed passengers, 9= unknown position, 10 = third row left, 11 = third row center, 12 = third row right
HOSPITALhospitalhospitalTextHospital to which person injured in the crash was taken
CRASH_DATEcrash_datecrash_dateCalendar dateDate and time of crash as entered by the reporting officer
PERSON_IDperson_idperson_idTextA unique identifier for each person record. IDs starting with P indicate passengers. IDs starting with O indicate a person who was not a passenger in the vehicle (e.g., driver, pedestrian, cyclist, etc.).
RD_NOrd_nord_noTextChicago Police Department report number. For privacy reasons, this column is blank for recent crashes.
STATEstatestateTextState of residence of person involved in crash
EJECTIONejectionejectionTextWhether vehicle occupant was ejected or extricated from the vehicle as a result of crash
DRIVER_ACTIONdriver_actiondriver_actionTextDriver action that contributed to the crash, as determined by reporting officer
BAC_RESULTbac_resultbac_resultTextStatus of blood alcohol concentration testing for driver or other person involved in crash
DRIVERS_LICENSE_STATEdrivers_license_statedrivers_license_stateTextState issuing driver's license of person involved in crash
ZIPCODEzipcodezipcodeTextZIP Code of residence of person involved in crash
EMS_AGENCYems_agencyems_agencyTextEMS agency who transported person injured in crash to the hospital
PERSON_TYPEperson_typeperson_typeTextType of roadway user involved in crash
PEDPEDAL_ACTIONpedpedal_actionpedpedal_actionTextAction of pedestrian or cyclist at the time of crash
CELL_PHONE_USEcell_phone_usecell_phone_useTextWhether person was/was not using cellphone at the time of the crash, as determined by the reporting officer
PEDPEDAL_LOCATIONpedpedal_locationpedpedal_locationTextLocation of pedestrian or cyclist at the time of crash
AIRBAG_DEPLOYEDairbag_deployedairbag_deployedTextWhether vehicle occupant airbag deployed as result of crash
INJURY_CLASSIFICATIONinjury_classificationinjury_classificationTextSeverity of injury person sustained in the crash
SEXsexsexTextGender of person involved in crash, as determined by reporting officer
CITYcitycityTextCity of residence of person involved in crash
SAFETY_EQUIPMENTsafety_equipmentsafety_equipmentTextSafety equipment used by vehicle occupant in crash, if any
EMS_RUN_NOems_run_noems_run_noTextEMS agency run number
BAC_RESULT VALUEbac_result_valuebac_result_valueNumberDriver’s blood alcohol concentration test result (fatal crashes may include pedestrian or cyclist results)
DRIVER_VISIONdriver_visiondriver_visionTextWhat, if any, objects obscured the driver’s vision at time of crash

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