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DOB Permit Issuance

The Department of Buildings (DOB) issues permits for construction and demolition activities in the City of New York. The construction industry must submit an application to DOB with details of the construction job they would like to complete. The primary types of application, aka job type, are: New Building, Demolition, and Alterations Type 1, 2, and 3. Each job type can have multiple work types, such as general construction, boiler, elevator, and plumbing. Each work type will receive a separate permit. (See the DOB Job Application Filings dataset for information about each job application.) Each row/record in this dataset represents the life cycle of one permit for one work type. The dataset is updated daily with new records, and each existing record will be updated as the permit application moves through the approval process to reflect the latest status of the application.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Permittee's Business Namepermittee_s_business_namepermittee_s_business_nameTextPermittee's Business Name
Special District 2special_district_2special_district_2TextSpecial District 2
Owner’s House StatestatestateTextOwner’s House State
Filing Datefiling_datefiling_dateTextFiling Date
Owner's First Nameowner_s_first_nameowner_s_first_nameTextFirst Name of property owner
Site Safety Mgr's First Namesite_safety_mgr_s_first_namesite_safety_mgr_s_first_nameTextSite Safety Mgr's First Name
Job Start Datejob_start_datejob_start_dateTextJob Start Date
BOROUGHboroughboroughText1= Manhattan, 2= Bronx, 3 = Brooklyn, 4 = Queens, 5 = Staten Island
Issuance Dateissuance_dateissuance_dateTextIssuance Date
BlockblockblockTextTax block assigned by Department of Finance
HIC Licensehic_licensehic_licenseTextHIC License
Permittee's Last Namepermittee_s_last_namepermittee_s_last_nameTextPermittee's Last Name
Permittee's First Namepermittee_s_first_namepermittee_s_first_nameTextPermittee's First Name
Permit Sequence #permit_sequence__permit_sequence__TextPermit Sequence #
Zip Codezip_codezip_codeTextTax lot Zip Code
House #house__house__TextHouse Number of Residence or Commercial Property
Owner’s House CitycitycityTextOwner’s House City
Superintendent Business Namesuperintendent_business_namesuperintendent_business_nameTextSuperintendent Business Name
Site Safety Mgr's Last Namesite_safety_mgr_s_last_namesite_safety_mgr_s_last_nameTextSite Safety Mgr's Last Name
Job #job__job__TextNumber assigned by DOB to Job Filing
Owner's Phone #owner_s_phone__owner_s_phone__TextOwner's Phone #
Owner's House Street Nameowner_s_house_street_nameowner_s_house_street_nameTextOwner's House Street Name
Superintendent First & Last Namesuperintendent_first___last_namesuperintendent_first___last_nameTextSuperintendent First & Last Name
Community Boardcommunity_boardcommunity_boardText3-digit identifier: Borough code = first position, last 2 = community board
Permittee's License Typepermittee_s_license_typepermittee_s_license_typeTextPermittee's License Type
DOBRunDatedobrundatedobrundateTextDate when query is run and pushed to Open Data. Could be used to differentiate report dates.
Owner's Business Nameowner_s_business_nameowner_s_business_nameTextBusiness Name of Property Owner
Expiration Dateexpiration_dateexpiration_dateTextExpiration Date
Site Safety Mgr Business Namesite_safety_mgr_business_namesite_safety_mgr_business_nameTextSite Safety Mgr Business Name
Site Fillsite_fillsite_fillTextSite Fill
Street Namestreet_namestreet_nameTextStreet Name where Property is located
Bin #bin__bin__TextNumber assigned by City Planning to a specific building
Special District 1special_district_1special_district_1TextSpecial District 1
Permittee's Phone #permittee_s_phone__permittee_s_phone__TextPermittee's Phone #
LotlotlotTextTax lot assigned by Department of Finance
Permit Subtypepermit_subtypepermit_subtypeTextPermit Subtype (Subset of Equipment Work Permit Type-- BL-Boiler, FA- Fire Alarm, Subset of Construction Equipment Permit Type-- CH-Chute, SF-Scaffold, etc.) Complete List -
Filing Statusfiling_statusfiling_statusTextFiling Status
Permit Statuspermit_statuspermit_statusTextPermit Status
Act as Superintendentact_as_superintendentact_as_superintendentTextPermittee Acts as Superintendent
Oil Gasoil_gasoil_gasTextOil Gas
Owner’s House Zip Codeowner_s_zip_codeowner_s_zip_codeTextOwner’s House Zip Code
Permittee's License #permittee_s_license__permittee_s_license__TextPermittee's License #
Permit Typepermit_typepermit_typeTextPermit Type (DM-Demolition, EW-Equipment Work, PL-Plumbing, etc.) Complete List -
Work Typework_typework_typeTextDOB Designated Work Types (PL-Plumbing, BL-Boiler, MH-Mechanical, OT-Other Constuction Equipment, etc.)
Job doc. #job_doc___job_doc___TextDocument Number
Bldg Typebldg_typebldg_typeText1-2-3 Family or Other
Owner's House #owner_s_house__owner_s_house__TextOwner's House #
Owner's Last Nameowner_s_last_nameowner_s_last_nameTextLast Name of property owner
Owner's Business Typeowner_s_business_typeowner_s_business_typeTextOwner's Business Type
Permittee's Other Titlepermittee_s_other_titlepermittee_s_other_titleTextPermittee's Other Title
Job Typejob_typejob_typeTextJob Type, based on DOB Job Code (NB-New Building, A1, A2, A3- Alterations 1-3, SG-Sign, etc.)
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