DOHMH New York City Restaurant Inspection Results

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DOHMH New York City Restaurant Inspection Results

The dataset contains every sustained or not yet adjudicated violation citation from every full or special program inspection conducted up to three years prior to the most recent inspection for restaurants and college cafeterias in an active status on the RECORD DATE (date of the data pull). When an inspection results in more than one violation, values for associated fields are repeated for each additional violation record. Establishments are uniquely identified by their CAMIS (record ID) number. Keep in mind that thousands of restaurants start business and go out of business every year; only restaurants in an active status are included in the dataset.

Records are also included for each restaurant that has applied for a permit but has not yet been inspected and for inspections resulting in no violations. Establishments with inspection date of 1/1/1900 are new establishments that have not yet received an inspection. Restaurants that received no violations are represented by a single row and coded as having no violations using the ACTION field.

Because this dataset is compiled from several large administrative data systems, it contains some illogical values that could be a result of data entry or transfer errors. Data may also be missing.

This dataset and the information on the Health Department’s Restaurant Grading website come from the same data source. The Health Department’s Restaurant Grading website is here:

See the data dictionary file in the Attachments section of the OpenData website for a summary of data fields and allowable values.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Census Tractcensus_tractcensus_tractText
VIOLATION CODEviolation_codeviolation_codeTextViolation code associated with an establishment (restaurant) inspection
INSPECTION DATEinspection_dateinspection_dateCalendar dateThis field represents the date of inspection; NOTE: Inspection dates of 1/1/1900 mean an establishment has not yet had an inspection
CRITICAL FLAGcritical_flagcritical_flagTextIndicator of critical violation; "• Critical • Not Critical • Not Applicable"; Critical violations are those most likely to contribute to food-borne illness
CAMIScamiscamisTextThis is an unique identifier for the entity (restaurant); 10-digit integer, static per restaurant permit
PHONEphonephoneTextPhone Number; Phone number provided by restaurant owner/manager
STREETstreetstreetTextStreet name for establishment (restaurant) location
VIOLATION DESCRIPTIONviolation_descriptionviolation_descriptionTextViolation description associated with an establishment (restaurant) inspection
BUILDINGbuildingbuildingTextBuilding number for establishment (restaurant) location
INSPECTION TYPEinspection_typeinspection_typeTextA combination of the inspection program and the type of inspection performed; See Data Dictionary for full list of expected values
Council Districtcouncil_districtcouncil_districtText
GRADEgradegradeTextGrade associated with the inspection; • N = Not Yet Graded• A = Grade A• B = Grade B• C = Grade C• Z = Grade Pending• P= Grade Pending issued on re-opening following an initial inspection that resulted in a closure
SCOREscorescoreNumberTotal score for a particular inspection; Scores are updated based on adjudication results
Community Boardcommunity_boardcommunity_boardText
BOROboroboroTextBorough in which the entity (restaurant) is located.;• 1 = MANHATTAN • 2 = BRONX • 3 = BROOKLYN • 4 = QUEENS • 5 = STATEN ISLAND • Missing; NOTE: There may be discrepancies between zip code and listed boro due to differences in an establishment's mailing address and physical location
CUISINE DESCRIPTIONcuisine_descriptioncuisine_descriptionTextThis field describes the entity (restaurant) cuisine. ; Optional field provided by provided by restaurant owner/manager
RECORD DATErecord_daterecord_dateCalendar dateThe date when the extract was run to produce this data set
ACTIONactionactionTextThis field represents the actions that is associated with each restaurant inspection. ; • Violations were cited in the following area(s). • No violations were recorded at the time of this inspection. • Establishment re-opened by DOHMH • Establishment re-closed by DOHMH • Establishment Closed by DOHMH. Violations were cited in the following area(s) and those requiring immediate action were addressed. • "Missing" = not yet inspected;
GRADE DATEgrade_dategrade_dateCalendar dateThe date when the current grade was issued to the entity (restaurant)
DBAdbadbaTextThis field represents the name (doing business as) of the entity (restaurant); Public business name, may change at discretion of restaurant owner
ZIPCODEzipcodezipcodeTextZip code of establishment (restaurant) location

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