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OATH Trials Division Case Status

The OATH Trials Division dataset contains information about a diverse range of complex administrative law matters that are filed by city agencies, boards, and commissions and adjudicated by OATH Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) at the New York City Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings, Trials Division.

Such matters include civil service disciplinary and disability cases, city contract disputes, license revocation proceedings, prevailing wage proceedings, discrimination cases, loft law proceedings, Krimstock cases, where car owners seek return of vehicle seized during an arrest, campaign finance law and conflicts of interest law cases, alleged violations of consumer protection laws, and fair work week and paid sick leave laws.

The Trials Division dataset includes those closed cases where litigants appear before the Trials Division for trial and where an OATH Administrative Law Judge has issued a decision. By law or by agency rule, the OATH ALJ issues final decisions in Krimstock cases, contract disputes and most cases brought by the Department of Consumer Affairs. In all other cases, the OATH ALJ issues a recommended decision which is subject to final action and determination by the filing agency's Agency Head. If an appeal is filed, the dataset provides the date of the appeal action that occurs after the final determination.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
SubcategorysubcategorysubcategoryTextShort description of the primary charge brought by the filing agency
Original Trial Dateoriginal_trial_dateoriginal_trial_dateCalendar dateInitial date the case is scheduled for trial
TypetypetypeTextIndicates the type of case based on the categories of subject matter set by the Trials Division
Filing Agency Case IDfiling_agency_case_idfiling_agency_case_idTextThe identifying number that belongs to the agency filing a case at OATH Trials Division
Agency Head Decisionagency_head_decisionagency_head_decisionTextThe final determination made by the head of the filing agency after his or her review of ALJ's decision (report and recommendation)
CategorycategorycategoryTextIdentifies categories of a case type based on the description of the subject matter
PremisespremisespremisesTextThe subject location
Trial Concludedtrial_concludedtrial_concludedCalendar dateThe date on which trial was concluded
Case Numbercase_numbercase_numberTextOATH Case ID
Dispo Codedispo_codedispo_codeTextDecision or outcome of the trial
NamenamenameTextFull name of a case including petitioner's and/or respondent's names
Report Issuedreport_issuedreport_issuedCalendar dateThe date on which decision after the trial was issued
Original Conferenceoriginal_conferenceoriginal_conferenceCalendar dateInitial date the conference between parties in the case is scheduled
OpenedopenedopenedCalendar dateThe date the case was officially opened at OATH Trials Division
Record Closedrecord_closedrecord_closedCalendar dateAfter the close of the trial, the date on which all evidence, arguments and conclusions are submitted as final
Appeal Action Dateappeal_action_dateappeal_action_dateTextThe date on which appeal was filed
  • oath_trials_division_case_status
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