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Crimes in Colorado 1997 to 2015

Crime stats for the State of Colorado from 1997 to 2015. Data provided by the CDPS and the FBI's Crime Data Explorer (CDE).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
primary_countyprimary_countyprimary_countyTextPrimary county of agency.
offense_nameoffense_nameoffense_nameTextNIBRS Offense name.
offense_category_nameoffense_category_nameoffense_category_nameTextThe NIBRS category for this offense.
incident_dateincident_dateincident_dateCalendar dateWhen the incident occurred or the beginning of the time-period in which it occurred.
agency_nameagency_nameagency_nameTextName of reporting agency.
city_namecity_namecity_nameTextCity of agency.
age_numage_numage_numNumberThe age in years of an individual arrestee. Only used when AGE_ID = 5 (Age in Years). Value is exact age or average. When age range is populated, the system will store the average age here, decimal value truncated. (For data before 2016 it cannot be determined if this value is exact age or average)
crime_againstcrime_againstcrime_againstTextThe type of entity this is a crime against (Person, Property, Society, Not a Crime - but tracked).
incident_hourincident_hourincident_hourNumberThe hour when the incident occurred or the beginning of the time period in which it occurred.
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