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Paid Solicitors Disclosed on Charity Registration Forms in Colorado

Paid Solicitors and Professional Fundraising Consultants Disclosed on Charity Registration Forms. Data collected by the Colorado Department of State's Charities Program.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
entityIdentityidentityidTextEntity Id
feinfeinfeinTextFederal Employer Identification Number. The if the registrantType is a Professional Fundraising Consultant or a Paid Solicitor, the FEIN is associated with the charitable organization and not the PS or PFC.
namenamenameTextName of the charitable organization, paid solicitor, or professional fundraising consultant.
nameofPS-PFC-CCVnameoforganizationnameoforganizationTextIf solicitor is organization, name
titletitletitleTextIf individual, title
firstNamefirstnamefirstnameTextFirst name of officer etc.
middleNamemiddlenamemiddlenameTextMiddle name of officer etc.
lastNamelastnamelastnameTextLast name of officer etc.
registrantTypeAbbrregistranttypeabbrregistranttypeabbrTextType of person: PS (Paid Solicitor), PFC (Professional Fundraising Consultant) or Commercial Co-Venture
addressaddressaddressTextblank if residential address entered
citycitycityTextCity; blank if residential address entered
statestatestateTexttwo letter state code
zipCodezipcodezipcodeTextZip code; blank if residential address entered
zipCode4zipcode4zipcode4TextIf nine digit zip code is given, the full code will be listed here.
mailingAddressmailingaddressmailingaddressTextMailing address
mailingCitymailingcitymailingcityTextMailing City
mailingStatemailingstatemailingstateTextMailing State
mailingZipCodemailingzipcodemailingzipcodeTextMailing zip code
mailingZipCode4mailingzipcode4mailingzipcode4TextIf nine digit zip code is given, the full code will be listed here.
performedAddressperformedaddressperformedaddressTextAddress where work is performed
performedCityperformedcityperformedcityTextCity where work is performed
performedStateperformedstateperformedstateTextState where work is performed
performedZipCodeperformedzipcodeperformedzipcodeTextZip code where work is performed
performedZipCode4performedzipcode4performedzipcode4TextIf nine digit zip code is given, the full code will be listed here.
phonephonephoneNumberOrganization phone number
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