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Dallas Police Active Calls

The calls listed here are only those where the element assigned to the call has arrived and is currently working the call. It does not include any calls for service, whether currently being worked or not, that are not releasable due to privacy laws.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Unit Numunit_numberunit_numberTextResponding officers element (unit) number
Nature of Callnature_of_callnature_of_callTextProblem type of call, for example loud music, burglary…etc.
BlockblockblockTextBlock number of address for the call
TimetimetimeTextCall Time
BeatbeatbeatTextThe 2nd to smallest police geography (Beats are made of Reporting Areas)
LocationlocationlocationTextStreet name of address for call
Reporting Areareporting_areareporting_areaTextSmallest police geography which makes up all other police geographic areas (Beats, Sectors, Divisions)
Incident Numberincident_numberincident_numberTextMaster incident number as it relates to the call (different from incident as it relates to an offense)
DatedatedateCalendar dateCall Date
DivisiondivisiondivisionTextThe Largest of the police geographic areas ( 7 patrol divisions)
StatusstatusstatusTextStatus of the call as it relates to the responding officers
PriorityprioritypriorityTextCalls are broken down to priority type 1-4,…. 1 being most urgent
Date_Timedate_timedate_timeCalendar dateDate and Time of the call
Upstream Metadata