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911 Performance

911 Performance

This dataset shows the amount of time it takes the City of Memphis to answer calls to 911.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
MonthYearmonthyearmonthyearCalendar date
VolumevolumevolumeNumberTotal number of calls received during the reporting month
Percent Abandonedpercent_abandonedpercent_abandonedNumberPercent of 911 calls in which the call was ended before a dispatcher answered
Queue (Secs)queue_secsqueue_secsNumberMonthly average number of seconds a caller spent in the queue
National Goal (secs)national_goal_secsnational_goal_secsNumberNational Emergency Number Association (NENA) standard target 911 call answer time, in seconds
Ring(sec)ring_secring_secNumberMonthly average number of seconds the phone rang before being answered
GoalgoalgoalNumberThe goal is to answer 95% of all calls within 20 seconds
Month Ordermonth_ordermonth_orderNumber
Total Average (Secs)total_average_secstotal_average_secsNumberSum of Setup Time, Queue, and Ring
COM Goal (secs)com_goal_secscom_goal_secsNumberCity of Memphis target 911 call answer time, in seconds
Percent Answered within 20 secspercent_answered_within_20_secspercent_answered_within_20_secsNumberPercent of 911 calls answered within 20 seconds
Setup Time (Sec)setup_time_secsetup_time_secNumberMonthly average number of seconds between when a call first seizes at the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) to when it begins ringing

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