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Memphis Police Department Aggregate Crime

Memphis Police Department Aggregate Crime

This dataset shows the number of major property crimes and major violent crimes reported by MPD each month.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
MONTHYEARmonthyearmonthyearCalendar dateReporting month and year
CATEGORYcategorycategoryTextMajor Violent or Major Property Crime
Month_YOY_Percent_Changemonth_yoy_percent_changemonth_yoy_percent_changeNumberPercent change in the number of incidents compared to the same month the previous year
MonthOrdermonthordermonthorderNumberJan=1, Feb=2, March=3, etc.
YTD_Percent_Changeytd_percent_changeytd_percent_changeNumberPercent change in the total number of incidents YTD compared to the same month last year
Count YTDcount_ytdcount_ytdNumberTotal number of incidents for the specified category, calendar year to date
COUNTcountcountNumberNumber of incidents under each category reported by MPD for each month

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