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Fort Collins Floodwarning Rain Gage Data

Fort Collins Floodwarning Rain Gage Data

Automated readings from the rain gages throughout the city. These rain gages use 'tipping buckets' to measure rainfall; whenever the 'bucket' tips, the incremental rainfall data are recorded. Because of this measurement system, this dataset is only updated when there are new 'bucket tips'; the system searches for new data several times an hour, but only updates this dataset if there are new records. The data rate is limited, so for heavy rainfall there will be multiple 'bucket tips' in one record.

The real-time map of these values is located at


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Incremental Rainfall (in)incremental_rainfall_inincremental_rainfall_inNumberUnits: inches. Incremental rainfall is the amount of rainfall measured just before the data are sent.
Lat-Lon Georeferencelat_lon_georeferencelat_lon_georeferencePoint
TimestamptimestamptimestampCalendar dateDuplicate timestamps may exist due to data transfer issues.
Sensor Namesensor_namesensor_nameText
meta_row_idmeta_row_idmeta_row_idTextMetadata field for record hash. This field is a SHA-1 hash of all other fields in the record, used for validation of record uniqueness.
meta_row_indexmeta_row_indexmeta_row_indexNumberMetadata field for a suggested sort order. Sort this column in ascending order to order the dataset the way it was intended from the source system.

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