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Asotin County Current Restaurant Inspections

Asotin County Health Department inspects restaurants and other retail food service establishments to make sure that employees follow safe food handling practices and have adequate kitchen facilities. Keep in mind, inspection reports are snapshots of the food handling at the establishment at the time of inspection - conditions may be different when you visit.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Last Inspection Activitylast_inspection_activitylast_inspection_activityTextCode for the type of the most recent inspection (description for these codes is in Last Inspection Activity Descripition colum)
Last Inspection Total Scorelast_inspection_total_scorelast_inspection_total_scoreNumberTotal Inspection Score out of a possible 433 points, combining Last Inspection Critical Score and Last Inspection Non-Critical Score. Points are given for standards not met.
Last Inspection Activity Descriptionlast_inspection_activity_1last_inspection_activity_1TextDescription of the type of the inspection/activity. Begins with EH (Environmental Health).
Last Inspection Non-Critical Scorelast_inspection_non_criticallast_inspection_non_criticalNumberTotal Non-Critical Inspection Score out of a possible 88 points. Points are given for standards not met.
Client Statusclient_statusclient_statusTextA (Active)
Client Typeclient_typeclient_typeTextClient type E (Environmental)
Last Inspection Critical Scorelast_inspection_criticallast_inspection_criticalNumberTotal Critical Inspection Score out of a possible 345 points. Points are given for standards not met.
Establishment Nameestablishment_nameestablishment_nameTextName of the food service establishment
Last Inspection Datelast_inspection_datelast_inspection_dateCalendar dateDate of the most recent inspection
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