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WDFW- Juvenile Population Abundance

WDFW juvenile wild salmonid abundance


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Occupied River Milesoccupied_river_milesoccupied_river_milesNumberThe number of miles that are potentially utilized by the population.
AbundanceabundanceabundanceNumberJuvenile abundance estimate
DensitydensitydensityNumberThe abundance divided by the occupied river miles.
Waterbody Namewaterbody_namewaterbody_nameTextBody of water name
CommentscommentscommentsTextbiologist comments
Migration Yearmigration_yearmigration_yearNumberThe migration year.
Local Biologist Namelocal_biologist_namelocal_biologist_nameTextContact name for the local biologist.
Stock Numbersstock_numbersstock_numbersText4 digit numeric designation for each individual stock. Juvenile populations can encompass multiple stocks or partial stocks.
Salmon Recovery Regionsalmon_recovery_regionsalmon_recovery_regionTextSalmon recovery region as defined by the Governor's Salmon Recovery Office.
Run Typerun_typerun_typeTextThe name of the run type.
Federal Statusfederal_statusfederal_statusTextESA listing status.
SpeciesspeciesspeciesTextCommon name for the species.
Last Updatelast_updatelast_updateCalendar dateDate data was last updated.