City of Albany Outstanding Parking Tickets 3-27-20

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City of Albany Outstanding Parking Tickets 3-27-20

This dataset contains those accumulated parking violations (more than $200 per person) that make an individual vehicle eligible to be immobilized by “booting” until payment of outstanding parking tickets. Any changes to a violation will not be reflected until the next data set update. Ticket numbers obtained here can be used to pay outstanding parking tickets here

*Errors may occur in the transfer of data. Consult the Parking Violations Bureau or the payment site to verify tickets.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Remaining Balanceremaining_balanceremaining_balanceNumber
CitationDate (mmddyy)citationdate_mmddyycitationdate_mmddyyText
Citation Amountcitation_amountcitation_amountNumber
State of Platestate_of_platestate_of_plateText
Citation Numbercitation_numbercitation_numberText
Vehicle Plate Numbervehicle_plate_numbervehicle_plate_numberText