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Development Pipeline Template

Development Pipeline Template

This dataset provides a template for use by jurisdictions within the San Francisco Bay Area to document major projects in their development pipeline.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
project_status_dateproject_status_dateproject_status_dateTextThe date of the most recent status of the project. The status date relates to the project status. Ex. if project status = planning permit filed the project status date should be when the permit was filed.
project_descriptionproject_descriptionproject_descriptionTextA short description of the development project.
residential_unitsresidential_unitsresidential_unitsTextNumber of residential units in development if any.
project_statusproject_statusproject_statusTextProject status such as planning permit filed, planning permit approved, building permit filed, building permit approved, building permit issued, under construction, completed.
building_sqftbuilding_sqftbuilding_sqftTextTotal square footage of project.
building_typebuilding_typebuilding_typeTextBuilding type would be the type of use. Ex. Residential, Mixed-Use, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, etc.
non_residential_sqftnon_residential_sqftnon_residential_sqftTextTotal non-residential square footage of project.
y_latitudey_latitudey_latitudeTextProject latitude in decimal degrees.
x_longitudex_longitudex_longitudeTextProject longitude in decimal degrees.
countycountycountyTextName of the county the project is located within.
street_addressstreet_addressstreet_addressTextThe assigned numeric identifier which was given to a structure to show the address on the street that the building is located upon
project_nameproject_nameproject_nameTextWell-known name of development project.
project_idproject_idproject_idTextUnique project ID for original source of information. Examples include assessor's apn or blocklot but could be any unique number assigned by a jurisdiction.
city_namecity_namecity_nameTextName of the city the project is located within.
zipzipzipTextZip code the project is located within.
storiesstoriesstoriesTextNumber of stories.