General Plan and Zoning 2018

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General Plan and Zoning 2018

Previous Name: BASE PARCEL 2018


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
zoning_idzoning_idzoning_idTextUnique Identifier for local zoning designation.
grid_idgrid_idgrid_idTextNot Used
grid_4migrid_4migrid_4miTextGrid Index Identifier (4 miles)
joinidjoinidjoinidTextPrimary Key with relationship to Parcel Geometry in 2018
notesnotesnotesTextSpecial notes associated with land use classification by editors
edit_dmyedit_dmyedit_dmyCalendar dateDate of edit
edit_dateedit_dateedit_dateTextDate of edit (Duplicated)
gp_idgp_idgp_idTextUnique Identifier for local general plan designation.
grid_8migrid_8migrid_8miTextGrid Index Identifier (8 miles)
editoreditoreditorTextName of editor
grid_2migrid_2migrid_2miTextGrid Index Identifier (2 miles)