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Annual Contracts

Listing of all annual contracts issued to procure goods and/or services within City-Parish.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
COMMODITY DESCRIPTIONcommodity_descriptioncommodity_descriptionTextDescription classifying the type of good/service being purchased.
ITEM DESCRIPTIONitem_descriptionitem_descriptionTextDescription of good or service being ordered on this annual contract line item.
ITEM NUMBERitem_numberitem_numberNumberSequential number of the detail annual contract line item.
ITEM UNIT COSTitem_unit_costitem_unit_costNumberCode classifying the type of good/service being purchased.
START DATEstart_datestart_dateCalendar dateEstimated date for work to begin
TOTAL ITEMStotal_itemstotal_itemsNumberTotal number of detail items on annual contract. Each annual contract will have at least 1 detail item. Not applicable for D records, as there is only one item for each D record.
EXPIRATION DATEexpiration_dateexpiration_dateCalendar dateExpected date for work to end
VOUCHED AMOUNTvouched_amountvouched_amountNumberActual amount invoiced against annual contract. This amount may be less than the original annual contract amount.
DOCUMENT NUMBERdocument_numberdocument_numberTextNumeric ID of the annual contract
COST CENTER NAMEcost_center_namecost_center_nameTextDescription of Cost Center of the Department which the annual contract is for. This will often show which of the Department's Divisions issued the annual contract
REQUISITION NUMBERrequisition_numberrequisition_numberTextRequisition number used for purchase
DOCUMENT DESCRIPTIONdocument_descriptiondocument_descriptionTextDescription of the annual contract
COST CENTERcost_centercost_centerTextCost Center of the Department which the annual contract is for. This will often show which of the Department's Divisions issued the annual contract
ITEM UNIT OF MEASUREitem_unit_of_measureitem_unit_of_measureTextCode indicating Unit of Measure for this annual contract line item.
INPUT DATEinput_dateinput_dateCalendar dateDate annual contract was entered into the system
VENDOR TYPEvendor_typevendor_typeTextIndicates the type of business the vendor is in
EXTENSION DATEextension_dateextension_dateCalendar dateDate contract has been extended
VENDOR NAME 2vendor_name_2vendor_name_2Text
VENDOR ZIPvendor_zipvendor_zipText
VENDOR NAME 1vendor_name_1vendor_name_1TextVendor's primary business name
ITEM QUANTITYitem_quantity_ordereditem_quantity_orderedTextMaximum item quantity that can be procured on this contract
VENDOR STATEvendor_statevendor_stateText
COMMODITY CODEcommodity_codecommodity_codeTextCode classifying the type of good/service being purchased.
RECORD TYPErecord_typerecord_typeTextH or D. H indicates record is a header record. D indicates a detail record. An annual contract will have 1 header record and at least 1 detail item
SB WOMANsb_womansb_womanTextSmall business woman owned
SB VETERANsb_veteransb_veteranTextSmall business veteran owned
SB NON-MINORITYsb_non_minoritysb_non_minorityTextSmall business non-minority owned
SB MINORITY WOMANsb_minority_womansb_minority_womanTextSmall business minority woman owned
SB MINORITYsb_minoritysb_minorityTextSmall business minority owned
SB DISABLED VETsb_disabled_vetsb_disabled_vetTextSmall business disabled veteran
DISABLED VETERANdisabled_veterandisabled_veteranTextDisabled veteran business enterprise
DISADVANTAGEDdisadvantageddisadvantagedTextDisadvantaged business enterprise
MINORITYminorityminorityTextIs the vendor a minority business enterprise
INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORindependent_contractorindependent_contractorTextWhether or not the vendor is an independent contractor
GEOGRAPHIC AREAgeographic_areageographic_areaTextGeographic area of vendor (INP=In EBR Parish, INS=In State, USA=In Country, INTL=International
CLASSclassclassTextThe vendor's classification (LLC, Corporation, Sole Proprietor, etc)
STATUSstatusstatusTextVendor's status A=Active, B=Bidder, I=Inactive, O=One Time Pay, S=Stop, T=Temporary, S=Self Service
VENDOR CITYvendor_cityvendor_cityText
DOCUMENT STATUS DESCRIPTIONdocument_status_descriptiondocument_status_descriptionTextDescription of the status of the annual contract.
DOCUMENT STATUS CODEdocument_status_codedocument_status_codeTextCode indicating the status of the annual contract.
DEPARTMENT NAMEdepartment_namedepartment_nameTextDepartment name which the annual contract is for
DEPARTMENT NUMBERdepartment_numberdepartment_numberTextNumber of the department which the annual contract is for
PURCHASE ORDERSpurchase_orderspurchase_ordersTextThe purchase orders used against this contract
SB DISADVANTAGEDsb_disadvantagedsb_disadvantagedTextSmall business disadvantaged business enterprise

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