Baton Rouge Fire Department Occupancy Inspections

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Baton Rouge Fire Department Occupancy Inspections

The Baton Rouge Fire Department (BRFD) occupancy inspection dataset includes the name and location of all inspections conducted by BRFD officials and any violations since January 1, 2000.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
ZIP CODEzipzipTextThe US Postal Service ZIP code
INSPECTION DATEcompletedcompletedCalendar dateDate the inspection was completed
INSPECTION VIOLATION DESCRIPTIONinsp_violation_descinsp_violation_descTextDescription of the violation, if any
INSPECTION TYPE DESCRIPTIONinsp_type_descinsp_type_descTextDescription of the type of inspection
STREET TYPEst_typest_typeTextType of street (Drive, Road, Highway, Boulevard, etc)
BUSINESS NAMEbusiness_namebusiness_nameTextName of business that was inspected
ZIP Codes:@computed_region_8siy_mghw:@computed_region_8siy_mghwNumber
Council Districts_from_9v63_zwfd:@computed_region_i2e6_956r:@computed_region_i2e6_956rNumber
FULL ADDRESSfull_addressfull_addressTextThe complete street address assigned to the location
ZIP Codes_from_tqy7_429i:@computed_region_jrqt_zu77:@computed_region_jrqt_zu77Number
STREET PREFIXst_prefixst_prefixTextDirectional prefix (N, S, E, W) of the street
OCCUPANT IDoccup_idoccup_idTextUnique identifier of the location that was inspected
CITYcitycityTextThe US Postal Service community name
STREET NAMEstreetstreetTextOfficial name of the street
INSPECTION TYPE CODEinsp_typeinsp_typeTextCode indicating the type of inspection
ADDRESS NUMBERst_numberst_numberTextStreet address number assigned to the location
STATEstatestateTextThe name of the state in which the location is situated
GEOLOCATIONgeolocationgeolocationPointInternal location used for Socrata mapping purposes
APARTMENT/SUITEaptaptTextThe sub-address information assigned to the location such as unit or suite number
INSPECTION VIOLATION CODEinsp_violationinsp_violationTextCode Indicating the type of violation, if any

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