Bid Openings and Results

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Bid Openings and Results

Listing of all formal upcoming bid openings and past bid tabulation results processed by the City-Parish Purchasing Division.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
BID RESULTSbid_resultsbid_resultsURLLink to bid results
NOTEnotenoteTextAdditional information regarding the project
PROJECT CONTACTcontact_namecontact_nameTextName of contact for the project
DEPARTMENTdepartment_namedepartment_nameTextName of Department requesting purchase
BID DATEbid_datebid_dateCalendar dateDate bid will be open
UNIQUE IDunique_idunique_idNumberInternal database id of bid
DESCRIPTIONdescriptiondescriptionTextGeneral Description of bid
PROJECT PHONE EXTENSIONphone_extphone_extTextPhone number extension for the project
DIVISIONdivision_namedivision_nameTextName of Division requesting purchase
ROOM NUMBERroom_numberroom_numberTextRoom number where bid opening will be held
BUYER NAMEbuyer_namebuyer_nameTextName of buyer handling the bid
PROJECT PHONEphonephoneTextPhone number of contact for the project
BID TIMEbid_timebid_timeTextTime bid will be open

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