BTR Airport Signatory Airlines Passenger Stats

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BTR Airport Signatory Airlines Passenger Stats

This dataset provides the monthly enplanement and deplanement statistics since 1986 for all signatory airlines flying to and from the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
EMERALDemeraldemeraldNumberPassenger count for Emerald signatory airline
AMERICAN EAGLEamericanamericanNumberPassenger count for American Eagle signatory airline
VISION AIRLINESvision_airlinesvision_airlinesNumberPassenger count for Vision Airlines signatory airline
COUNT TYPEcount_typecount_typeTextIndicator of the type of passenger count for boarding the aircraft
TOTAL PASSENGERStotal_passengerstotal_passengersNumberThe total number of passengers for all signatory airlines for the given year, month, and count type
IDididTextThe Year and Month unique identifier for each passenger count record
L'EXPRESSl_expressl_expressNumberPassenger count for L'Express signatory airline
CONTINENTALcontinentalcontinentalNumberPassenger count for Continental signatory airline
YEARyearyearNumberThe year of the passenger count stat
US AIRWAYSus_airwaysus_airwaysNumberPassenger count for US Airways signatory airline
DELTAdeltadeltaNumberPassenger count for Delta signatory airline
CASINOcasinocasinoNumberPassenger count for Casino signatory airline
VIAviaviaNumberPassenger count for Via signatory airline
MONTHmonthmonthTextThe month of the passenger count stat
UNITEDunitedunitedNumberPassenger count for United signatory airline
CONTINENTAL EXPRESScontinental_expresscontinental_expressNumberPassenger count for Continental Express signatory airline
FRONTIERfrontierfrontierNumberPassenger count for Frontier signatory airline
NORTHWESTnorthwestnorthwestNumberPassenger count for Northwest signatory airline
ROYALEroyaleroyaleNumberPassenger count for Royal signatory airline

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