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City Court Warrants

Listing of active warrants for Baton Rouge City Court.

Warrants are posted to the site daily, however it may take up to 7-10 days for information processed in court to be reflected on the site. If you have questions please contact the Criminal Traffic Division via email at or call (225) 389-5278.

This lookup is not confirmation of an active warrant. All City Court warrants should be confirmed by the official court file. Please contact the City Constable's Office at 389-3889 or 389-3004 for confirmation.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
DIVdivdivTextJudicial division of case warrant was issued on
FILE NUMBERfilenofilenoTextCourt File/Docket Number
ZIPCODEzipzipTextDefendant's last known zipcode of residence
SEXsexsexTextDefendant's Sex
CASE TYPEtypetypeTextType of Case for which warrant is issued: CMISD = Criminal Misdemeanor, DV = Domestic Violence, CCTRAF = Traffic Offense, PP = Partial Payment Account, CCDWI = Driving While Intoxicated
RACEraceraceTextDefendant's Race: A = Asian, B = Black, H = Hispanic, M = Middle Easterner (Arabic), N = Native American, O = Other (Mixed), P = Pacific Islander / Eskimo, U = Unknown, W = White
YOBdobdobTextDefendant's year of birth
CITYadd3add3TextDefendant's last known city of residence.
STATEstatestateTextDefendant's last known state of residence
DOAdoadoaCalendar dateDate of Action. Date the warrant was issued.
NAMEnamenameTextName of person warrant issued for

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