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City-Parish Employees

City-Parish employees, both active and inactive, that exist in the City-Parish Payroll System. The information includes employee current pay information, including any special pay. Special pay is earned per pay period.

***In November of 2018, the City-Parish switched to a new payroll system. This dataset contains employee information from this new system. For data prior to 2018, please see the Legacy City-Parish Employees at


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
DEAPRTMENT NAMEdepartment_namedepartment_nameTextCorresponds to the City-Parish department for which an employee works
EDUCATION PAYedupayedupayNumberEducational pay for employees receiving State Supplemental Pay, or for Municipal Fire and Police employees
ANNUAL SALARYannual_payannual_payNumberAnnual salary based on paygrade and step, does not include any additional earnings
JOB CODEjob_codejob_codeNumberNumerical value associated with an employee's position (job title)
PAY LOCATION DESCRIPTIONpayloc_namepayloc_nameTextCorresponds to the division or location where the employee works
CURRENT HIRE DATEcurrent_hire_datecurrent_hire_dateCalendar dateMost current date employee hired (Does not include broken service with the City-Parish)
PERSONNEL STATUS DESCRIPTIONpersonnel_status_descpersonnel_status_descText
UNIQUEIDuniqueiduniqueidTextUnique Identifier
PAY LOCATION CODEpayloc_numpayloc_numNumberNumerical code associated with the division or location where an employee works (see pay location description column)
SCHEDULED HOURSscheduled_hoursscheduled_hoursNumberScheduled hours per pay period
ENGINEER LICENSEenglicnspayenglicnspayNumberPost license experience allowance for licensed professional engineers
STATE 2 PERCENTstate2pcntstate2pcntNumberStatute requiring Fire employees to receive a raise of at least 2% each year after completion of 3 years of continuous service in the Fire Department. Effective for 20 years or until the employee's 23rd year of service.
PAY RANGEpay_rangepay_rangeNumberThe pay range or grade that is tied to an employee's current pay (one range may be applicable to multiple positions)
JOB TITLEjob_titlejob_titleText
PRISON ASSIGNMENTprisonpayprisonpayNumberEmployees assigned to work at the Parish Prison
CAR ALLOWANCEcarallowpaycarallowpayNumber
EMPLOYMENT STATUSemployment_statusemployment_statusTextEmployee's status with the City-Parish. A=Active; I=Inactive
MEAL ALLOWANCEmealallowpaymealallowpayNumberAllowance for EMS employees
MIDDLE INITmiddle_initialmiddle_initialText
PERSONNEL STATUSpersonnel_statuspersonnel_statusTextSee personnel status description column
DEPARTMENT NUMBERdepartment_numdepartment_numNumberNumerical code associated with the department for which an employee works (see department name column)
PAY STEPpay_steppay_stepNumberThe step at which an employee is paid within their pay range (there are 21 steps for each pay range)
EMPLOYMENT END DATEemployment_end_dateemployment_end_dateCalendar dateEnd of service date, the employee may have retired, resigned or was terminated
YEARS OF SERVICEyears_serviceyears_serviceNumberYears of service with City-Parish based on current hire date
HOURLY RATEhrly_ratehrly_rateNumber
LAST NAMElast_namelast_nameText
FIRST NAMEfirst_namefirst_nameText

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