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Dataset of Datasets

The Dataset of Datasets lists every published open dataset that can be found in Open Data BR and EBRGIS Open Data. Also included are descriptions, tags, links to the dataset, and the data category.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
DESCRIPTIONdescriptiondescriptionTextBrief explanation about the dataset's contents and purpose
URLurlurlURLThe hyperlink to open the dataset in a web browser
CATEGORYcategory_or_snippetcategory_or_snippetTextThe open data category assigned to the dataset for cataloguing
TAGStagstagsTextList of keywords or tags that can used in search queries
OPEN DATA SITEopen_data_siteopen_data_siteTextThe City-Parish website that hosts the dataset
CREATED DATEcreatedcreatedCalendar dateDate the dataset was originally created
DATASET NAMEtitletitleTextTitle of dataset
Upstream Metadata