EBRP Library Circulation Statistics

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EBRP Library Circulation Statistics

This dataset provides the monthly circulation statistics since 2013, including renewals, for all public libraries in East Baton Rouge Parish.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
CIRCULATION TOTALcirculation_totalcirculation_totalNumberThe total number of library items circulated for the given year month
ADJUSTED TOTALadjusted_totaladjusted_totalNumberincludes extended renewal of items checked out before the COVID-19 Stay At Home Order
IDididNumberYear and Month unique identifier for each circulation record
BLUEBONNETbluebonnetbluebonnetNumberCirculation stat for the Bluebonnet Regional Branch Library
JONES CREEKjones_creekjones_creekNumberCirculation stat for the Jones Creek Regional Branch Library
OUTREACHoutreachoutreachNumberCirculation stat for all outreach programs
YEARyearyearNumberThe year of the circulation stat
MONTHmonthmonthTextThe month of the circulation stat
BAKERbakerbakerNumberCirculation stat for the Baker Branch Library
CARVERcarvercarverNumberCirculation stat for the Carver Branch Library
CENTRALcentralcentralNumberCirculation stat for the Central Branch Library
DELMONT GARDENSdelmont_gardensdelmont_gardensNumberCirculation stat for the Delmont Gardens Branch Library
EDEN PARKeden_parkeden_parkNumberCirculation stat for the Eden Park Branch Library
FAIRWOODfairwoodfairwoodNumberCirculation stat for the Fairwood Branch Library
GREENWELL SPRINGSgreenwell_springsgreenwell_springsNumberCirculation stat for the Greenwell Springs Regional Branch Library
PRIDEprideprideNumberCirculation stat for the Pride-Chaneyville Branch Library
RIVER CENTERriver_centerriver_centerNumberCirculation stat for the River Center Branch Library
SCOTLANDVILLEscotlandvillescotlandvilleNumberCirculation stat for the Scotlandville Branch Library
ZACHARYzacharyzacharyNumberCirculation stat for the Zachary Branch Library
OVERDRIVEoverdriveoverdriveNumberCirculation stat for OverDrive, RBdigital (e-books, comics, video, magazines), Kanopy, and Flipster
INTERLIBRARY LOANinterlibrary_loaninterlibrary_loanNumberCirculation stat for book loans between library branches
MAINmainmainNumberCirculation stat for the Main Library at Goodwood

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