EBRP Library Computer Usage Stats

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EBRP Library Computer Usage Stats

East Baton Rouge Parish Library computer usage statistics are organized by branch, year, and month. This dataset only includes the count for library patrons who have logged in to the Library’s public computers, located at any of the 14 locations.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
CARVERcarvercarverNumberComputer usage stat at the Carver Branch Library.
MONTHmonthmonthTextThe month the computer usage stat.
YEARyearyearTextThe year of the circulation stat.
IDididNumberYear and Month unique identifier for each computer usage record.
JONES CREEKjones_creekjones_creekNumberComputer usage stat at the Jones Creek Regional Branch Library.
GREENWELL SPRINGSgreenwell_springsgreenwell_springsNumberComputer usage stat at the Greenwell Springs Regional Branch Library.
FAIRWOODfairwoodfairwoodNumberComputer usage stat at the Fairwood Branch Library.
BLUEBONNETbluebonnetbluebonnetNumberComputer usage stat at the Bluebonnet Regional Branch Library.
DELMONT GARDENSdelmont_gardensdelmont_gardensNumberComputer usage stat at the Delmont Gardens Branch Library.
TOTALtotaltotalNumberTotal computer usage for all 14 libraries for the given year and month.
ZACHARYzacharyzacharyNumberComputer usage stat at the Zachary Branch Library.
SCOTLANDVILLEscotlandvillescotlandvilleNumberComputer usage stat at the Scotlandville Branch Library.
RIVER CENTERriver_centerriver_centerNumberComputer usage stat at the River Center Branch Library.
PRIDEprideprideNumberComputer usage stat at the Pride-Chaneyville Branch Library.
MAINmainmainNumberComputer usage stat at the Main Library at Goodwood.
BAKERbakerbakerNumberComputer usage stat at the Baker Branch Library.
CENTRALcentralcentralNumberComputer usage stat at the Central Branch Library.
EDEN PARKeden_parkeden_parkNumberComputer usage stat at the Eden Park Branch Library.

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