EBRP Street Name Changes

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EBRP Street Name Changes

Official listing of all street name changes in East Baton Rouge Parish.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
MINUTE BOOK PAGE NOminute_book_page_nominute_book_page_noNumberThe Parish Council minute book page number where the name change is recorded.
ID NUMBERid_numberid_numberNumberUnique identifier for each street name change record.
DATE OF CHANGEdate_of_changedate_of_changeCalendar dateThe effective date of the street name change.
LIMITS OF CHANGElimits_of_changelimits_of_changeTextThe extents of the street name change.
LEGISLATION TYPElegislation_typelegislation_typeTextType of legislation instrument used by the City, Parish, or Metro Council to enact a street name change.
ORDINANCE OR RESOLUTION NOordinance_or_resolution_noordinance_or_resolution_noTextThe act number assigned in the legislation instrument to identify the ordinance or resolution.
OLD STREET NAMEold_street_nameold_street_nameTextThe original name of the street before the change was made.
GOVERNING ENTITYgoverning_entitygoverning_entityTextThe legislative authority which enacted the name change.
NOTESnotesnotesTextAdditional information about the street name change.
NEW STREET NAMEnew_street_namenew_street_nameTextThe new name of the street after the change went into effect.
MINUTE BOOK NOminute_book_nominute_book_noTextThe Parish Council minute book number where the name change is recorded.

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