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Legacy City-Parish Employee Annual Salaries


In November 2018, the City-Parish switched to a new payroll system. This dataset contains annual salaries through 2017. For data from 2018 onward, visit

City-Parish employees' annual salaries and other payroll related information. Information is calculated after the last payroll is run for the year specified.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
MIDDLE INITmiddle_initmiddle_initText
TOTAL OVERTIME HOURStotal_overtime_hourstotal_overtime_hoursNumberTotal number of overtime hours worked for the year
GROSS PAYgross_paygross_payNumberBase pay plus overtime plus/minus any adjustments
TOTAL HOURLY RATEtotal_hourly_ratetotal_hourly_rateNumberHourly rate plus longevity and other earning allowances (Educational, Hazardous Pay, etc)
BASE HOURLY RATEbase_hourly_ratebase_hourly_rateNumberHourly rate based on pay grade and step
LONGEVITY PERCENTAGElongevity_percentagelongevity_percentageNumberPercentage of pay earned by employee for longevity with City-Parish
SCHEDULED HOURSscheduled_hoursscheduled_hoursNumberScheduled hours per pay period
EMPLOYMENT END DATEend_dateend_dateCalendar dateEnd of service date. The employee may have retired, resigned or was terminated.
CURRENT HIRE DATEhire_datehire_dateCalendar dateMost current date employee hired (Does not include broken service with the City-Parish)
JOB TITLEjob_code_descriptionjob_code_descriptionText
JOB CODEjob_codejob_codeText
DIVISION NAMEdivision_namedivision_nameText
DIVISION NUMdivision_numdivision_numTextDivision Number
DEPARTMENT NAMEdepartment_namedepartment_nameText
DEPARTMENT NUMdepartment_numdepartment_numTextDepartment Number
FIRST NAMEfirst_namefirst_nameText
LAST NAMElast_namelast_nameText
EMPLOYEE NUMemployee_numemployee_numTextEmployee Number
EMPLOYMENT STATUSpayroll_statuspayroll_statusNumberStatus in payroll system: 0 - Active, 1 - Temporary Leave (no arrears), 2 - Temporary Leave with Arrears, 3 - Inactive, 4 - Terminated Last Pay Period, 5 - No longer with City-Parish.
OVERTIME HOURLY RATEovertime_hourly_rateovertime_hourly_rateNumberHourly rate plus allowable overtime earning types multiplied by 1.5
TOTAL BASE PAYbase_paybase_payNumberAnnual salary plus longevity and other earning allowances (Educational, Hazardous Pay, etc)
TOTAL OVERTIME PAYtotal_overtime_paytotal_overtime_payNumberTotal overtime amount earned for the year
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