Legacy Purchase Orders

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Legacy Purchase Orders

***Please note, the City-Parish has implemented a new financial and procurement system. Effective 9/14/2017 all purchase order processing was halted in the legacy system. This dataset was comprised of data from this legacy system. Our new system went online on 10/2/2017. We are working towards providing the purchase orders from the new system and hope to have it available by the end of October.

Listing of all purchase orders issued to procure goods and/or services within City-Parish.

In the City-Parish Purchasing system, a purchase order (PO) is made up of two components: a header and one or many detail items that comprise the overarching PO. The header contains information that pertains to the entire PO. This includes, but is not limited to, the total amount of the PO, the department requesting the purchase and the vendor providing the goods or services. The detail item(s) contain information that is specific to the individual item ordered or service procured through the Purchase Order. The item/service description, item/service quantity and the cost of the item is located within the Purchase Order details. There may be one or many detail items on an individual Purchase Order. For example, a Purchase Order for a computer equipment may include three items: the computer, the monitor and the base software package.

Both header information and detail item information are included in this dataset in order to provide a comprehensive view of the purchase order data. The Record Type field indicates whether the record is a header record (H) or detail item record (D). In the computer purchase example from above, the system would display 4 records – one header record and 3 detail item records.

It should be noted header information will be duplicated on all detail items. No detail item information will be displayed on the header record.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
INPUT BYempl_inpempl_inpTextCity-Parish employee who entered the PO
VENDOR STATEvend_statevend_stateText
VENDOR CONTACT NAMEvend_cont_namevend_cont_nameText
VENDOR CONTACT TITLEvend_cont_titlevend_cont_titleText
VENDOR MINORITY CODEvend_minority_abbrvend_minority_abbrTextCode indicating minority classification of vendor
VENDOR MINORITY DESCRIPTIONvend_minority_descvend_minority_descTextDescription of minority classification of vendor
PO CATEGORY CODEpo_categorypo_categoryTextCode indicating the category of the PO. Professional Services, Construction, State Contract, Sole Source, etc.
PO BALANCEpo_balancepo_balanceNumberBalance left on PO
VENDOR CONTACT EXTENSIONvend_cont_ph_extvend_cont_ph_extNumber
PO TYPE DESCRIPTIONpo_type_descpo_type_descTextDescription of the type of PO.
VENDOR ADDRESS 2vend_addr_2vend_addr_2Text
DEPARTMENT NAMEdept_descdept_descTextDepartment name which the PO is for
TOTAL ITEMStotal_itemstotal_itemsNumberTotal number of detail items on PO. Each PO will have at least 1 detail item
VENDOR NAME 2vend_name_2vend_name_2Text
VOUCHED AMOUNTvchd_amtvchd_amtNumberActual amount invoiced against PO. This amount may be less than the original PO amount
VENDOR ADDRESS 1vend_addr_1vend_addr_1Text
ITEM UNIT COSTdt_unit_costdt_unit_costNumberUnit Cost for this PO line item
PURCHASING AGENTpurc_agentpurc_agentTextPurchasing employee who is processing the PO
RECORD TYPErec_typerec_typeTextH or D. H indicates record is a header record. D indicates a detail record. A PO will have 1 header record and at least 1 detail item
PO STATUS CODEpo_statpo_statNumberCode indicating the status of the PO
PO STATUS DESCRIPTIONpo_stat_descpo_stat_descTextDescription of the status of the PO
VENDOR CONTACT PHONEvend_cont_phonevend_cont_phoneNumber
ITEM DESCRIPTIONdt_stock_descdt_stock_descTextDescription of good or service being ordered on this PO line item
UNIQUE IDunique_idunique_idTextInternal database id of record
PO TYPE CODEpo_type_cdpo_type_cdTextCode indicating the type of PO. Goods (G), Services(S) or Both(B)
COST CENTERcstctrcstctrTextCost Center of the Department which the PO is for. This will often show which of the Department's Divisions issued the PO
ITEM UNIT OF MEASURE DESCRIPTIONdt_um_descdt_um_descTextDescription of Unit of Measure for this PO line item
VENDOR CITYvend_cityvend_cityText
PO CATEGORY DESCRIPTIONpo_category_descpo_category_descTextDescription of the category of the PO.
ITEM NUMBERdt_seqdt_seqNumberSequential number of the detail PO line item
INPUT DATEpo_in_datepo_in_dateCalendar dateDate PO was entered into the system
TOTAL AMOUNTtotal_amttotal_amtNumberTotal amount of PO
DEPARTMENT NUMBERdeptnodeptnoTextNumber of the department which the PO is for
VENDOR NUMBERvendvendNumberInternal id associated with the vendor
VENDOR NAME 1vend_name_1vend_name_1Text
ITEM QUANTITY ORDEREDdt_qty_orddt_qty_ordNumberQuantity being ordered for this PO line item
ITEM UNIT OF MEASUREdt_qty_umdt_qty_umTextCode indicating Unit of Measure for this PO line item
ITEM TOTAL COSTdt_tot_costdt_tot_costNumberTotal (extended) cost of the PO line item being ordered
COST CENTER NAMEcstctr_desccstctr_descTextDescription of Cost Center of the Department which the PO is for. This will often show which of the Department's Divisions issued the PO
VENDOR ZIPvend_zipvend_zipText
REQUISITION NUMBERreq_numreq_numTextRequisition number used for purchase

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