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Purchase Orders and Contracts

Listing of all purchase orders and contracts issued to procure goods and/or services within City-Parish.

In the City-Parish, a PO/Contract is made up of two components: a header and one or many detail items that comprise the overarching PO/Contract. The header contains information that pertains to the entire PO/Contract. This includes, but is not limited to, the total amount of the PO/Contract, the department requesting the purchase and the vendor providing the goods or services. The detail item(s) contain information that is specific to the individual item ordered or service procured through the PO/Contract. The item/service description, item/service quantity and the cost of the item is located within the PO/Contract details. There may be one or many detail items on an individual PO/Contract. For example, a Purchase Order for a computer equipment may include three items: the computer, the monitor and the base software package.

Both header information and detail item information are included in this dataset in order to provide a comprehensive view of the PO/Contract data. The Record Type field indicates whether the record is a header record (H) or detail item record (D). In the computer purchase example from above, the system would display 4 records – one header record and 3 detail item records.

It should be noted header information will be duplicated on all detail items. No detail item information will be displayed on the header record.

***In October of 2017, the City-Parish switched to a new system used to track PO/Contracts. This data contains all PO/Contracts entered in or after October 2017. For prior year data, please see the Legacy Purchase Order dataset


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
ITEM UNIT OF MEASUREitem_unit_of_meaitem_unit_of_meaTextCode indicating Unit of Measure for this PO/Contract line item.
VENDOR ZIPvendor_zipvendor_zipText
VENDOR NAME 2vendor_name_2vendor_name_2TextVendor doing business as (DBA) name
COST CENTER NAMEcost_center_namecost_center_nameTextDescription of Cost Center of the Department which the PO/Contract is for. This will often show which of the Department's Divisions issued the PO/Contract
COST CENTERcost_centercost_centerNumberCost Center of the Department which the PO/Contract is for. This will often show which of the Department's Divisions issued the PO/Contract
DOCUMENT DESCRIPTIONsource_doc_descsource_doc_descTextDescription of the good/service being procured.
COMMODITY DESCRIPTIONcommodity_desccommodity_descTextDescription classifying the type of good/service being purchased.
ITEM QUANTITY ORDEREDitem_quantity_ordereditem_quantity_orderedNumberQuantity being ordered for this PO/Contract line item.
TOTAL ITEMStotal_itemstotal_itemsNumberTotal number of detail items on PO/Contract. Each PO/Contract will have at least 1 detail item.
VENDOR TYPEvendor_typevendor_typeTextIndicates the type of business the vendor is in.
INPUT DATEinput_dateinput_dateCalendar dateDate PO/Contract was entered into the system
COMMODITY CODEcommodity_codecommodity_codeTextCode classifying the type of good/service being purchased.
ITEM UNIT COSTitem_unit_costitem_unit_costNumberUnit Cost for this PO/Contract line item.
ITEM DESCRIPTIONitem_descriptionitem_descriptionTextDescription of good or service being ordered on this PO/Contract line item.
ANNUAL CONTRACTannual_contractannual_contractTextFor PO only, the annual contract this PO was purchased from
DOCUMENT TYPE CODEsource_doc_type_codesource_doc_type_codeTextCode indicating the type of PO/Contract.
REQUISITION NUMBERrequisition_norequisition_noNumberRequisition number used for purchase.
EXPIRATION DATEinitial_expiration_dateinitial_expiration_dateCalendar dateFor contracts only, expected date for work to end
START DATEestimated_start_dateestimated_start_dateCalendar dateFor contracts only, estimated date for work to begin
VOUCHED AMOUNTvouched_amountvouched_amountNumberActual amount invoiced against PO/Contract. This amount may be less than the original PO/Contract amount.
EXPENSE TYPEobjectobjectTextThe code indicating the type of expense for this good/service.
DISADVANTAGEDdbedbeTextDisadvantaged business enterprise
DOCUMENT TYPE DESCRIPTIONsource_doc_type_descriptionsource_doc_type_descriptionTextDescription of the type of PO/Contract.
TOTAL AMOUNTtotal_amounttotal_amountNumberTotal amount of PO/Contract
DOCUMENT NUMBERsource_documentsource_documentNumberNumeric ID of the PO/Contract
VENDOR NAME 1vendor_name_1vendor_name_1TextVendor's primary business name
SB DISADVANTAGEDsmb_dbesmb_dbeTextSmall business disadvantaged business enterprise
ITEM NUMBERitem_numberitem_numberNumberSequential number of the detail PO/Contract line item.
EXTENSION DATEextended_through_dateextended_through_dateCalendar dateFor contracts only, date contract has been extended
RECORD TYPErecord_typerecord_typeTextH or D. H indicates record is a header record. D indicates a detail record. A PO/Contract will have 1 header record and at least 1 detail item
VENDOR CITYvendor_cityvendor_cityText
ITEM TOTAL COSTitem_total_costitem_total_costNumberTotal (extended) cost of the PO/Contract line item being ordered.
DEPARTMENT NAMEdept_namedept_nameTextDepartment name which the PO/Contract is for
EXPENSE TYPE DESCRIPTIONobject_descobject_descTextThe description of the type of expense for this good/service.
SB WOMANsmb_womansmb_womanTextSmall business woman owned
SB VETERANvet_sm_busvet_sm_busTextSmall business veteran owned
SB NON-MINORITYsb_non_mnsb_non_mnTextSmall business non-minority owned
SB MINORITY WOMANsmb_mn_womsmb_mn_womTextSmall business minority woman owned
SB MINORITYsmb_minsmb_minTextSmall business minority owned
SB DISABLED VETdvsedvseTextSmall business disabled veteran
DISABLED VETERANdvbedvbeTextDisabled veteran business enterprise
MINORITYisminorityisminorityTextIs the vendor a minority business enterprise
INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORvendor_independent_contractorvendor_independent_contractorTextWhether or not the vendor is an independent contractor
GEOGRAPHIC AREAvendor_geographic_codevendor_geographic_codeTextGeographic area of vendor (INP=In EBR Parish, INS=In State, USA=In Country, INTL=International
CLASSvendor_classvendor_classTextThe vendor's classification (LLC, Corporation, Sole Proprietor, etc)
STATUSvendor_statusvendor_statusTextVendor's status A=Active, B=Bidder, I=Inactive, O=One Time Pay, S=Stop, T=Temporary, S=Self Service
VENDOR STATEvendor_statevendor_stateText
DOCUMENT STATUS DESCRIPTIONsource_doc_status_descriptionsource_doc_status_descriptionTextDescription of the status of the PO/Contract.
DOCUMENT STATUS CODEsource_doc_status_codesource_doc_status_codeNumberCode indicating the status of the PO/Contract.
DEPARTMENT NUMBERdept_numdept_numNumberNumber of the department which the PO/Contract is for
SOURCE DOCUMENT TYPEsource_doc_typesource_doc_typeTextCode representing the type of PO/Contract P = Purchase Order, C = Contract
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