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Road Closures

This dataset includes all recorded road closures by city-parish agencies since January 1, 2015.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
DIRECTIONdirectiondirectionTextDirection(s) of travel that are being closed
FULL OR PARTIALfull_closurefull_closureTextFull or partial road closure
SIDEWALK CLOSEDsidewalksidewalkCheckboxInformation about sidewalk(s) being closed
AGENCYagencyagencyTextAgency involved in closing the road
CITYcitycityTextCity in which the road closure is located
CLOSURE IDobjectidobjectidNumberThe unique identifier of each road closure record
CLOSURE TYPEtypetypeTextCategory of road closure
CONTACT INFOcontactcontactTextContact for obtaining additional information
STREETstreetstreetTextName of the road being closed
END DATEend_dateend_dateCalendar dateThe end date of the road closure
TO CROSS STREETend_cross_streetend_cross_streetTextEnd point of road closure
FROM CROSS STREETfrom_cross_streetfrom_cross_streetTextBegin point of road closure
START DATEstart_datestart_dateCalendar dateThe beginning date of the road closure
MAJOR EVENT NAMEmajor_eventmajor_eventTextName of the special event requiring the road closure
MAJOR EVENT ROUTErouterouteTextRoute directions for a major event road closure
DETOUR ROUTEalt_routealt_routeTextDetour directions for bypassing the closure
CLOSURE SUBTYPEsubtypesubtypeTextSubcategory of road closure
CLOSURE DESCRIPTIONdescriptiondescriptionTextDetailed information about the closure
SEVERITYseverityseverityTextLevel of seriousness for closing the road
RECURRENCErecurringrecurringTextFrequency (if applicable) of roadway closure
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