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Street Names

Official public and private street name listing for East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
STREET PREFIX TYPEst_prefix_typest_prefix_typeTextType of street (Avenue, Boulevard, Rue, etc)
STREET NAMEst_namest_nameTextOfficial name of the street
POSTAL COMMUNITYpostal_communitypostal_communityTextUS Postal Service community name determined by the ZIP code.
STREET EXTENSIONst_extst_extText"EXT" is used when a street is designated as an extension of the original
PRIVATE STREETprivate_streetprivate_streetTextWhether or not the street is considered a private street and thereby not maintained by a municipality.
MUNICIPAL COMMUNITYmunicipal_communitymunicipal_communityTextJurisdictional community name determined by city limit or unincorporated area boundaries.
STREET PREFIX DIRECTIONst_prefix_dirst_prefix_dirTextDirectional prefix (N, S, E, W) of the street
STREET SUFFIX DIRECTIONst_suffix_dirst_suffix_dirTextDirectional suffix (N, S, E, W) of the street
STREET SUFFIX TYPEst_suffix_typest_suffix_typeTextType of street (Drive, Road, Highway, Boulevard, etc)
FRONTAGE ROADfrontage_roadfrontage_roadTextWhether or not the street is considered frontage for another road.
STREET NAME IDst_name_idst_name_idNumberUnique identification number for each street name record
NOTATIONnotationnotationTextNotes about the street name including jurisdiction, state highway number, privately owned. If a street is noted as anything other than private, then it is a public street.

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