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This dataset is an official listing of all approved and recorded subdivisions in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
RES OR COMMsubd_rcsubd_rcTextIndicates if the subdivision is residential, commercial, or a mixture of both
PRELIMINARY DATEsubd_perl_datesubd_perl_dateTextThe preliminary approval date
SUBAREAsubd_sub_areasubd_sub_areaNumberSubarea number of the planning district in which the subdivision is located
MAP KEYsubd_map_keysubd_map_keyTextThe map key grid number in which the subdivision can be found
FINAL DATEsubd_final_datesubd_final_dateCalendar dateThe final approval date
NOTATIONsubd_notationsubd_notationTextMiscellaneous notes about the subdivision
SUBDIVISION NAMEsubd_namesubd_nameTextThe name of the subdivision
DESCRIPTIONsubd_descriptionsubd_descriptionTextThe filing and/or phase number of the subdivision
LOT COUNTsubd_lot_countsubd_lot_countNumberNumber of lots included in the final plat
TYPEsubd_typesubd_typeTextThe type of final plat including major and minor subdivisions, planned unit development, etc.
PLANNING DISTRICTsubd_plan_distsubd_plan_distNumberPlanning district number in which the subdivision is located
CENSUS TRACTsubd_census_tract_numsubd_census_tract_numTextThe Census 2000 tract number in which the subdivision is located
SUBDIVISION IDsubd_idsubd_idNumberUnique identifier of each record
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