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2009-2010 Class Size - School-level Detail

This file shows average class sizes, pupil-teacher ratio, and size of largest and smallest classes for each school, broken out by grade and program type (General Education, Self-Contained Special Education, Collaborative Team Teaching (CTT)) for grades K-9 (where grade 9 is not reported by subject area), and for grades 5-9 (where available) and 9-12, aggregated by program type (General Education, CTT, and Self-Contained Special Education) and core course (e.g. English 9, Math A, US History, etc.) Based on January 27, 2010 data. * Grade 9 Official Class data is included for 0K-09 schools. Core Course information for these sections is not reported.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
TOTAL REGISTERtotal_registertotal_registerNumber
NUMBER OF CLASSESnumber_of_classesnumber_of_classesNumber
SCHOOL NAMEschool_nameschool_nameText
SCHOOL CODEschool_codeschool_codeText
DATA SOURCEdata_sourcedata_sourceText
SCHOOLWIDE PUPIL-TEACHER RATIOschoolwide_pupil_teacher_ratioschoolwide_pupil_teacher_ratioNumber
SERVICE CATEGORY(K-9* ONLY)service_category_k_9_onlyservice_category_k_9_onlyText
CORE COURSE (MS CORE and 9-12 ONLY)core_course_ms_core_and_9_12_onlycore_course_ms_core_and_9_12_onlyText
CORE SUBJECT (MS CORE and 9-12 ONLY)core_subject_ms_core_and_9_12_onlycore_subject_ms_core_and_9_12_onlyText
PROGRAM TYPEprogram_typeprogram_typeText
AVERAGE CLASS SIZEaverage_class_sizeaverage_class_sizeNumber
SIZE OF LARGEST CLASSsize_of_largest_classsize_of_largest_classNumber
SIZE OF SMALLEST CLASSsize_of_smallest_classsize_of_smallest_classNumber
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