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Bronx SAT College Board 2010 School Level Results

Bronx SAT College Board 2010 School Level Results

New York City school level College Board SAT results for the graduating seniors of 2010. Records contain 2010 College-bound seniors mean SAT scores. Records with 5 or fewer students are suppressed (marked ‘s’). College-bound seniors are those students that complete the SAT Questionnaire when they register for the SAT and identify that they will graduate from high school in a specific year. For example, the 2010 college-bound seniors are those students that self-reported they would graduate in 2010. Students are not required to complete the SAT Questionnaire in order to register for the SAT. Students who do not indicate which year they will graduate from high school will not be included in any college-bound senior report. Students are linked to schools by identifying which school they attend when registering for a College Board exam. A student is only included in a school’s report if he/she self-reports being enrolled at that school. Data collected and processed by the College Board.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Number of Test Takersnumber_of_test_takersnumber_of_test_takersNumber
Mathematics Meanmathematics_meanmathematics_meanNumber
Critical Reading Meancritical_reading_meancritical_reading_meanNumber
Writing Meanwriting_meanwriting_meanNumber
School Nameschool_nameschool_nameText