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Lung and Bronchus Cancer 2005-2009 per Zip Code

Lung and Bronchus Cancer 2005-2009 per Zip Code

The ZIP Code lists show the number of people who developed the specific type of cancer while living in the ZIP Code area between 2005 and 2009. The lists also show the number of people who might have been expected to get cancer in that time period, based on the size of the population of the ZIP Code.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Location 1 (state)location_1_statelocation_1_stateText
Zip Codes:@computed_region_tx27_6f7w:@computed_region_tx27_6f7wNumber
Location 1location_1location_1Point
Location 1 (city)location_1_citylocation_1_cityText
Females: Observed Number of Casesfemales_observed_number_of_casesfemales_observed_number_of_casesNumber
Females: Expected Number of Casesfemales_expected_number_of_casesfemales_expected_number_of_casesNumber
Zip Codezip_codezip_codeText
Males: Observed Number of Casesmales_observed_number_of_casesmales_observed_number_of_casesNumber
Males: Expected Number of Casesmales_expected_number_of_casesmales_expected_number_of_casesNumber
Females Percent Difference from Expectedfemales_percent_difference_from_expectedfemales_percent_difference_from_expectedText
Male Percent Difference from Expectedmale_percent_difference_from_expectedmale_percent_difference_from_expectedText