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Bikeshare Isochrones: Line Representation of Stations Accessible

Docked bikeshare stations that can be reached traveling via the road network in a given amount of time (10 or 20 minutes) when starting at a specified docking station. Times were calculated using the street network and a travel speed of 10 miles per hour but straight lines are used to represent the docked bikeshare stations that can be reached. Topography is not taken into account but the type of road is taken in account.

Visualization available at:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
trip_timetrip_timetrip_timeNumberMaximum trip time (10 or 20 minutes) to travel from start docking station to end docking station via road network
total_stationstotal_stationstotal_stationsNumberTotal stations in docked bikeshare system
end_facidend_facidend_facidTextUnique id for end docking station
sf_areasf_areasf_areaNumber0=Not part of Bay Wheels system; 1=Bay Wheels stations in East Bay area, CA; 2=Bay Wheels stations in San Francisco, CA; 3=Bay Wheels stations in San Jose, CA
nyc_borough_namenyc_borough_namenyc_borough_nameTextName of New York City borough; blank if not a New York City borough
nyc_boroughnyc_boroughnyc_boroughNumber0=Not a New York City borough; 1=Manhattan; 2=Bronx; 3=Brooklyn; 4=Queens; 5=Staten Island
accessible_stationsaccessible_stationsaccessible_stationsNumberNumber of stations that can be reached via road network in specified amount of time starting at start station.
strt_facidstrt_facidstrt_facidTextUnique id for start docking station
end_sysidend_sysidend_sysidNumberDocked bikeshare unique system id for system that includes end docking station
strt_sysidstrt_sysidstrt_sysidNumberDocked bikeshare unique system id for system that includes start docking station
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