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Citywide Land Cover

This is a composite land cover layer created from multiple City data sources and compiled into a single seamless land cover layer in 2015. The final land cover layer was checked against the City of Calgary’s 2014 air photo at a minimum of 1:4000. Missing and/or overlapping areas were resolved manually and City parks were reviewed at 1:1000 resolution. The land cover dataset informs several City analyses, including a Habitat Condition Rating model to assess natural area park health and a structural wildlife connectivity model, where land cover resistance values act as the difficulty rankings for terrestrial wildlife movement. The dataset can also be used in analyses of open/park space contiguity.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
ASSET_CDasset_cdasset_cdTextPark Asset Code, if land is stewarded by Calgary Parks (null, if not); asset codes are shared with other Parks layers
ResistresistresistNumberLand cover modification scores (i.e. the deviation from 'natural') for each LC_CAT (land cover category). Higher scores indicate greater intensity of human modification to land: Streams/Rivers, Natural Wetland/Shrubland/Forest/Grassland = 0.05; Manicured, Paved Trails, Agriculture_Annual Crop, Agriculture_Pasture/Fallow, GolfCourse = 0.25; SportFacility, Reservoir, Storm pond/Modified Wetlands = 0.5; Bare Ground, Building/Paved, Construction/Roads/Raillines = 1
LC_CATlc_catlc_catTextLand Cover Category (Agricultural_Annual Crops, Agriculture_Pasture/Fallow, Bare Ground, Building/Paved, Construction, Forest, GolfCourse, Grassland, Manicured, Natural Wetland, Paved Trails, Reservoir, Roads/Raillines, Shrubland, SportFacility, Storm ponds/Modified Wetlands, Stream/Rivers)
QuadrantquadrantquadrantTextCity of Calgary Quadrant (NE, NW, SE, SW)
LdScMetricldscmetricldscmetricTextMost generalized delineation of Calgary lands through a spectrum of 'naturalness' (NatCover > Permeable > Storm Pond > Impermeable)
PkScMetricpkscmetricpkscmetricTextPartially generalized set of fields from LC_CAT (Ag_Crops, Ag_Past, BareGrd, Impermeable, Mowed, NatCover, SportFacility, StormPond)
DataVerificationdataverificationdataverificationTextDescribes the scale of visual verification by a professional biologist each landcover polygon has had on the ground
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