Council and Committee Votes

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Council and Committee Votes

This dataset includes confirmed Council and Committee meeting vote records as of 2020 October 07, when Council and Committee eVoting was implemented. For vote results prior to this date, please visit the Council and Committee Agenda and Minutes webpage at <a href=""></a>.

See how Council voted on the <a href="">City Council Meeting Vote Dashboard.</a> The Dashboard displays Council member votes on agenda items. Vote data is displayed after the meeting minutes are confirmed. There could be up to a month delay in the data being displayed. This process is in place to ensure correct information is provided.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
ResolutionresolutionresolutionTextThe text of the resolution being voted upon
MeetingTypemeetingtypemeetingtypeTextThe type of Council or Committee meeting.
MeetingDatemeetingdatemeetingdateCalendar dateThe date the meeting started.
ResultresultresultTextThe result of the vote: "Motion carried", "Motion defeated"
VotervotervoterTextThe name of the voter
VotevotevoteTextThe vote cast: "Yes" or "No"

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